Intel Unleash the Beast – Results

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The Intel OC Challenge at computex (aka. Unleash the Beast contest) is now over. The whole afternoon of overclocking has been intense on so many levels that we are still feeling the pulse of that last seconds of it. Overclocking today showed to be an eSports that is complete, entertaining and truly exiting.

The Results

Now that the competition is over it is time to announce here the result as with it mark with one more news the history of competitive overclocking. This contest was multi-faceted and with both LN2 and Air/liquid cooling, we’ve ended up seeing results that showed what Intel’s newly launched Devil’s Canyon CPUs are capable of. Each team illustrated themselves in some way of their own.

Intel OC Challenge at computex 2014 - Pro Teams results

Each, with their own expertise, achieved to score and bring back home a share of the total $25,000 USD cash pool allocated for this contest.The ASUS team was able to achieve the most top ranked scores, while MSI made sure to break the AIr/Liquid cooled WR for the top CPU Frequency (x4 8t).Gigabyte also showed that their new board is the king board of memory frequency at the moment under ln2. Well done!

The amateurs also did really well. Myself I’ve been impressed by the level on that side of the competition. These guys might have been competing in the amateur part but definitely most of them have the skills and the willing to go extreme.

IOCC 2014 Amateur

Congratulation to all the contestants, we will see you guys again soon !



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