The OC Show is back – Season four taking off!

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And we are back! After quite a break with the OC show (yeah, sorry – we’ve been way to busy …), we are back. Most importantly, we are not just back with the “same old” show, but with a refreshed show concept. Check it out!

The OC Show Season 4 – New Hosts

We’ve retired the “old crew” from the show and replaced it with some of the brightest and most energetic new minds from the community. For this first episode, the panel will be composed of both seasoned extreme overclockers and medias alike:

  • Ciro from Italy – Editor & Owner of Rehwolution 
  • Libor (aka Buildzoid) from the UK (actually from Czech Rep.) – Founder of the Actually Hardcore OverClocking channel
  • Toolius from India – Tech reviewer and Founder of TooliusTech
  • and of course, You from the Internets!

We are looking forward to this new / refreshed OC Show. Hopefully you’ll like it too – make sure to let us know via comments during the stream, or share your feedback in the comments of the video replay.

Replay ?

As usual, you are welcome to join us and participate to the show via the comments directly from the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel chat.

See ya!


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