Core i7-7740K reach 7.5GHz with Liquid Helium

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Today Intel announced their new lineup of Kaby Lake X processors for the HEDT X299 platform. On the evening before launch, HWBOT hosted in association with Intel & Seasonic the “Performance Matters – Helium Night Taipei” event in which select press could assist to an extreme overclocking demonstration with liquid helium.

Liquid Helium cooling

Liquid Helium allows to cool down the computer to nearly -269 C. By contrast to the -196 C of liquid nitrogen used generally in extreme overclocking, liquid helium allows for even higher frequencies – unleashing insane performance levels. Truly world record material.

In this short video you can see the complete run starting from 7.1 GHz up to 7.5 GHz on the core i7-7740K under liquid helium. With such frequency, the crew on site made of ASUS engineers and renown pro-overclockers achieved the highest frequency ever seen on core i7 processors. Note that due to system instability, this score couldn’t be validated by CPU-Z.

The highest validation achieved with this CPU under Helium is 7.562.25GHz
HWBOT validation link :

Other scores achieved during the night :
PiFast : 8sec530ms
SuperPi 1M 4sec797ms

Some pictures

As our crew was busy producing on location, we didn’t had much time to take pictures. Here are a few :


Since the evening was under NDA, we couldn’t stream anything live. No worries though, we will push live tonight (local time around 8pm) a live commented recording of the evening. Joins us on


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