Performance Matters – Multicore Madness Moscow

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As we are attending the Igromir expo in Moscow – Overclocking is also part of the party! We will be covering one of the main event that will be taking place there during our stay – the Performance Matters – Multicore Madness Moscow.

Multicore Madness Moscow

Since the details of the event are still quite secretive, there isn’t much we can share for now. But the name of the event itself gives it away and we are so stocked on being able to stream from it.

Three overclockers will be present on site to demo the action … 3 overclockers as in 3 ….  ;). We have Benchbros from Germany, Smoke from Russia and Wizerty from France. All three are seasoned overclockers who are well ranked in their respective countries as well as worldwide. Expect the show to be pretty impressive!


The stream will be on Saturday 30th from Moscow, Russia starting at roughly 9pm UTC+3. The stream will hosted on the overclockingtv twitch channel :

Your casting team for the event will feature Buildzoid, Houston and Trouffman.

This will be for us the third time we are in Moscow, and we are really looking forward for it!


Update : The Live replay of the Performance Matters Multicore Madness Moscow is available on OverClocking-TV Youtube Channel



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