G1-Killer LAN Party & Live Overclocking Action – Live from Montreal – Up. pictures

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It’s worth to note that GIGABYTE is organising among with Microbytes a LAN Party in Montreal on Saturday 14th of May (yep in few days !). It’s quite rare to have event here in Montreal, and as some of you may know OverClocking-TV have crew members all around the world, and this time… Trouffman is going to cover this event (as he live in Montreal since few years.).

The really interesting thing here is about the Live overclocking demonstration that will be going on the all day. The event start at 12PM to end around 9PM, and you can come and play games, enjoy drinks and food, enter the lucky draw and see the Overclocking demo for a small fee of 5$CAD. It’s worth it regarding the entertainment that will be going on.

Overclocking live you said ?

Yes, That’s Right ! sin0822 will be in Montreal to overclock the already legendary Overclocking board : The X58A-OC with ln2 and OverClocking-TV will be broadcasting the complete session on our dedicated Live Page. I (Trouffman) will also play along with ln2 and assist sin0822, explaining to the people visiting and doing some crazy stupid stuff on the live

New Z68 motherboards…

GIGABYTE will display a complete range of Z68 motherboard, and we will try to get Rita in front of the camera for some interviews (but sccchhhh don’t tell here she doesn’t know yet ^^).

We will have regular update among the day on our OverClocking-TV Twitter account, from the installation to the ‘party’ time we will have… (To be honest i didn’t let sin0822 think he can come to montreal and not even enjoy the night life… and some french taste of humor !)

The event location is really easily accessible from Snowdon station at the corner of the Blue and Orange Metro line in the Gamer’s Vault shop at 4986 chemin Queen mary.

Enjoy the fun

Come and say Hi or Salut, depending on your language (montreal is a 50/50% french/english-speaking city), play games, enjoy the show of liquid nitrogen and cray hardware onsite or Live…

NB : We will post update along the day with the pictures and videos :)  Stay tuned !

Broadcast schedule :

Saturday May 14th: 12PM to 9PM (EST / GMT -4 / Montreal Time ) = 6PM to 3AM (GMT +2 / Paris Time)


Update 1:01PM

Pictures :


Thanks to GIGABYTE Canada/USA, Microbyte and the sponsors, it was nice having an event like that in Montreal :) Next stop – Renting an Arena !


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