A different look at extreme overclocking competitions

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Explaining to a non-overclocking friend what are doing at overclocking competitions such as the moa is never easy.Either it gets too technical or too nerdy. In both cases nobody understands us and we fail to share our hobby.

A documentary about overclocking competitions

After the moa, Xyala stayed in Taipei for a few weeks. With massman, they got the idea of producing something different than the traditional after movies. Something for the masses, something that also takes a lot more time and efforts to put together: a short documentary.

This documentary is the perfect way to explain to your friends and families what overclocking is about and what you are actually doing when you attend overclocking competitions. Enjoy and share your love for overclocking!

Subtitles Credit

Since the release of this documentary about 72 hours ago, thanks to you (the community we love) we have already subtitles available for several languages … and more too come. Here are the subtitles available and the name of their author, Big thanks!

  • English
  • Portuguese (gnidaol)
  • French (akane)
  • Persian (Saeed)
  • Czech (Adam Kahánek)

Keep pushing it!


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