ASUS ROG-OC Champion – Iran get it’s official event !

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After a long time, Iranian Overclocking community start to have overclocking event, let’s have a look at the event from few days ago by Asus co. in Tehran.

The event…

At this evening greeting in Iran, the organiser invited most of the top Iranian overclockers from two teams (Overclocking Heroes and Shahr sakht afzar) that are involved with overclocking and hardware. The event was taking place in Hotel Laleh in Tehran last November 15, 2012.

After Asus representative in Iran Mr. Majid Keshavarz welcomed and greeted the attendees, he started speaking about Asus ROG products and a talking about Maximus V Extreme.  Simultaneously Overclockers from the two teams started preparing their overclocking rigs.

The hardware…

All the teams used the following hardware :

  • Mainboard : Asus Maximus V Extreme with BIOS 0020
  • Processor : Intel Core i 7 3770K (limited on 5.8 for 3d test and 6.2 for 2d)
  • Memory : Corsair 2000 XMS CL9
  • Graphic Card : Asus HD7870 DCUll (Extreme OC and Mods allowed)
  • Drivers : AMD Catalyst 12.8

The benches and the rules…

There was 3 teams, but one  (Lion Computer) didn’t participated in the benches. The organiserd choose to use 3DMark 06 and SuperPi 8M. Each bench weighted a number of points as following :

The best 3DMark06 score got 30 points, second 21 and last 15 points while for SuperPi 8M it was 20 points, then14 points and 10 points for last. Everyone had 90 minutes to run each benchmark but each team choose the way or order to run these.

The two teams participating in this are

Saeed Moslemi (Mr. DB! ) , Morteza Pour Hossien (Morteza.p)

Overclocking Heroes OC team
Morteza.p & Mr. DB!

Nima Jafari Salim ( Extreme) , Moein Sameti (G81)

G81 & Extreme

The competition is about to start and finally overclockers submit their first results.

The Overclocking Heroes team won the competition, taking home a P8Z77-V DELUXE & HD7870DCUII  and Shahr Sakht Afzar OC Members won two Vulcan ANC  Headset from Asus.

After that, all of attendees played with the surplus LN2 and had fun with it together!!  :D

And moaaaaaaaaaaar!

Keep pushing it !


 ایران اسوس

Final words from the writer and the Iranian OC Community:

Special  thank to Mr. Keshavarz and Asus co. in Iran, we want this kind of event to be hold again and by also by other companies.

Writer Note : Miss you dear Trouff ;) wish you’ll be here next time! :)

Trouff’s Note : I wish next time we will be able to cover this kind of event in Iran with Xyala, this time was a try but political issues didn’t let it happen.



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