Weekly Interview : Ronaldo Buassali – Brasil


For this weekend, we have prepared an interview with one of top 5 Brazilian Overclockers . His name is Mr Ronaldo Buassali , and under nickname  Rbuass at Hwbot.org.

Hey Ronaldo, can you tell us about yourself?

 I am engineer, married with a beautiful wife , and I have a 2 years old daughter and now I work as Channel Marketing to Corsair Team.

Can you describe your relationship with overclocking and computer hardware?

Since I work with hardware and love to push the system to the limit, I always try to “spread” to all the “art of overclocking”… so we made lots of events, competitions, classes and so on.


Overclocking to me is more than a hobbie. Is a lifestyle (lol)


How did you discover the Overclocking?

After seeing crazy Shamino’s works, I though it was very nice to try.

Since how many years are you playing with Overclocking?

I started to overclock around 2005/2006, and few months after I was looking for new ways to improve the scores (Ice, Alcohol, Salt, block and aquarium pump).

What are the reasons that get you started doing Overclocking?

To push the hardware to the max, for sure.

What kind of computer do you use every day ?

I have no desktop, only a Dell Laptop; all my hardware is exclusive to overclock (since 2006 I did not use a case)

What kind of overclocking do you prefer (air, water, Extreme) and explain us why ?

Liquid Nitrogen, and a few times, dry ice (now is no more working, but worked well to some platforms that cold bugged at low temps).

What would be a special moment about using Extreme Overclocking?

I usually go Extreme and each great score is an special moment, mainly when we get a good record.

What are you doing in your real life when you are not overclocking?

I like to be together my family, go to a dinner or a movie (at the theatre); I was a professional Jiu Jitsu fighter few years ago (black belt 3rd degree), but for now, I can be training just a lit bit of time, just for fun.

What kind of music do you like to listen to when overclocking ? Is that different from the day you are not overclocking?

Rock, Blues, Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock, … Even though I’m eclectic and accept many different kinds of music, these are my favorites

What is your favorite brand ?

Corsair for sure (LOL); I have no favorite brand, but favorite pc part; It changes every hour. Each new hardware is released tends to try to overcome their competitors; Corsair, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Intel, AMD, Nvidia

What would be the brand to monitor in next few months/years and why ?

Hard question… Overclockers are always looking for the new releases. A new Intel CPU, new AMD Videocard, new Nvidia card, new RAMs and so on, then I think there are no specific brand to be monitored.

What is your best overclocking souvenir?

The best souvenirs I have was the 3 Master Overclocking Arena, while beyond the gifts MSI gave us, we could be together with several great overclockers.

All Overclockers have their own way to bench, how does your favorite sub-zero benching rig looks like?

At the moment : Intel 3770K, a good Z77 mainboard, HD 7970 Lightning (never touch a Matrix, but could be great), Dominator Platinum, AX1200, SSD Force GT, Tek-9, F1 Gemini 

Could you share us the story of overclocking in your country?

Overclocking in Brazil is growing fast. Regardless [the fact] we have the highest taxes, duties and fees in the world, people are creative and always looking for a way to improve their results. Now we just have a good number of enthusiasts and I hope in a few years, a good number to Extreme.

How expensive is it to do overclocking in your country?

To enthusiast overclockers, is hard because hardware here is too expensive. You can find a GTX 680 here about USD 1000 or even more.

To extreme is very hard. LN2 cost is about USD 5 / liter and to give an idea, the minimum salary of a worker in Brazil is USD 300. This means that a worker who has to live with that, have enough money to buy 60 liters per month

Can you explain your problems about overclocking , and using new hardware in your country?

The problems is really the cost, and to have no available PC Parts. To give you an example, when I did compete to MOA 2012, I coud not find any MSI X79 in all-over Brazil after I killed the mine. I think all new hardware delays [and take a] lots of time to arrive in Brazil.

How computer enthusiasts and overclockers like you are seen in your country?

I think people in Brazil are increasingly looking at overclocking, and I think that I am also welcome here, because I’ve taught thousands and thousands of people on our art.

If you had to give an advice to a newby in OC, what would it be?

Don’t spend more time, and start to overclock for now; You don’t know how funny can be your overclocking life…

Anything else you wish to share with us today?

I would like to thanks all overclocking community and to this great overclocking media, OverClocking-TV.

And…sure…sorry the awful English. [ed.: No worry man I did correct some minor grammatical mistake for the read to be good ;) – Trouff ]



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