Interview with Shahryar Barani, a top ten Iranian overclocker

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Here we are back after one week of interview rest with another overclocker. This week we would like to introduce you to another Iranian guy that you probably already heard of: Mr. Shahryar Barani (aka. Shahryar_neo .)

Interview with Shahryar_neo

Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m 20 years old and I’m studying IT Engineering ( Sound’s new ? Ok ! It’s Combination of Computer Science , Industrial Engineering , Management and Information Systems ) and since 2006 when I was just fourteen years old ,I’m working as founder and director of Baran Media Group which is known mostly for ShahrSakhtafzar ( Hardware City ) , an Iranian hardware website and community which is well-grown to have 170,000 users these days. Next to them I’m interested in studying leadership, management , literature , philosophy and I’m big fan of reading Psychological books + deep discussions !

Can you describe your relationship with overclocking and computer hardware?

I’m an extreme technology lover + I’m in charge of directing an hardware media so I’ve to keep myself near overclocking and Computer hardware .

How did you discover the Overclocking?

All the story , began with buying a new PC ! I think I was just 11 those days when I started gathering information about PC hardwares to buy the best Performance/Price system for myself (that was mostly for playing newer games). I went to English and Persian forums ( there wasn’t any professional good resource in Persian these days for hardware) and one of the English forums we I landed was XtremeSystems. I was amazed by all things I was reading! Tuning system to the max via overclocking ?! Huh,Cool ! I started to follow overclocking from those days on …

Since how many years are you playing with Overclocking?

I Started with AMD 939pin socket and after learning OC , I went back to play with every old and new hardwares !!

What are the reasons that pushed you to do Overclocking?

Two reasons : 1) Getting More P/P 2) Why do you play Football ? I play overclocking because It WAS fun .

Shahryar Barani at the GOOC 2010 APAC
Shahryar Barani at the GOOC 2010 APAC

What kind of computer do you use every day ?

My 24/7 Rig : i7 860  | P55-UD6 | G.SKILL Ripjaws X 2133Mhz | HD5450  | TR IFX-14 [ of course on a bench table ! ]

What kind of overclocking do you prefer (air, water, Xtreme) and explain us why ?

I think it’s a pointless question. I divide overclocking into two main categories:  Xtreme and Functional ( 24/7 ) overclocking. It’s like F1 automobile driving and normal driving in streets. There isn’t any relation between them to prefer one to another. Xtreme overclocking is about showing power of what we can do while Functional overclocking is about showing what we can do in terms of needs and limitations. In functional OC I prefer to use Air Cooling …

What’s your favorite Overclocking Sessions ?

Overclocking DFI DK-P45-T2RS Plus and playing with its extreme nice settings ( without ANY AUTO options ! ) and all the preparations of GOOC competitions

What is your favorite brand ?

DFI ( Rest In Peace )

What would be the brand to monitor in next few months / years and why ?

In short term, ASRock for their desire to change their previous brand image and gain credit next to MSI for bringing new technologies to PC Hardware – especially on their VGAs .

But in long term, I’ll vote definitely for Gigabyte! But Why?! Because the PC era is passed and all of PC Hardware manufacturers will loose their revenue as the result of decreasing demand for buying PCs . ASUS and MSI did a great job in turning to the Notebook industry and they’ll be easy to also get a good market share in Tablets in future but Gigabyte couldn’t do a great job in turning into NB and Tablets.

I think We should monitor Gigabyte in the next years to see what’s their new plans and business models will be instead of selling PC Hardware components.

All OCers have their own way to bench, how does your favorite sub-zero benching rig looks like?

Despite I using rubber for insulation these days I love using Vaseline + tissue !

Could you share us the story of overclocking in your country?

Overclocking in Iran has been started with Hiwa near 8 years ago I think , He is the first REAL overclocker in Iran and I respect him always for his generous teaching and sharing as a great mentor of mine. Although he shared some records in Iranian forums at that time but he was mostly active in XtremeSystems so OCing in Iran didn’t extend so much these years. After that In 2006 we establish SSA ( ShahrSakhtAfzar ) and started to write articles , Guide threads with one specific goal : Creating the first Iranian OC team in HWBOT and invite overclockers in Iran to join us there. I think It’s the turning point in history of Iranian overclocking because enthusiasms find a community to develop their talent in OCing and many nowadays great Iranian overclockers like G81 , Extreme , Olesius , D3VIL , Don_Corleone and … has been developed in SSA. Another great turning point of Overclocking in Iran was Avajang ( Gigabyte Distributer ) Live OC event which attracts lots of people into overclocking. After that event, Iranian hardware companies focused more on Overclocking and their support has helped Iranian OC community. It’s the story !


How expensive is it to do overclocking in your country? (Price of HW/ Price of LN2)

Hardware prices are really expensive due to our money value drop within the few past months. All hardware prices have doubled! But the LN2 price is not bad ,it’s about 0.25 USD per liter!

Can you explain your problems about overclocking , and using new hardware in your country?

Good question ! Many companies like eVGA and Intel don’t work with Iran at all and due to International political issues we don’t have any verified credit card and cannot use paypal and even we cannot buy directly from many places as they cannot and unfortunately send us products.

This comes in addition to the money problem I was telling you earlier . Imagine, here one 3770K is equal for many Iranianians to one month of salary !

Of course all Overclockers in the world try so hard to be in the TOP but as an Iranian Overclocker with the above explanation any Iranian Overclockers record should be highly appreciated and they work really hard …


If you had to give an advice to a newbie in overclocking , what would it be?

Haha , I’m not that great in giving advices, but as a little part of OC community I like to say , First of all make clear for yourself that WHY you’re overclocking … ! and In OCing always change parameters ( Voltages and … ) one by one to have a methodological test. When you change lots of parameters at the same time you cannot know where is the problem and which one makes your system scale and which doesn’t !

Anything else you wish to share with us today?

I’d like to share some thoughts related to the OC philosophy and future of overclocking …

I think overclocking is not a science and even it’s not a sport. Let me make it clearer.  When you are playing gulf or tennis you’ll gain experience and you can become a GOOD Player with more practice and experience. The separating point is SKILL you’ll get by more and more effort and there isn’t any end for it. You can become a World Class tennis player . But overclocking doesn’t need much knowledge even about electronics and Computer Architecture and it’s not like tennis reguarding the experience argument.

It’s just a hobby like cards! You can play OC without having a special knowledge. It’s about Money, Good Hardware and Time to play to learn some Tweaks ( Techniques ). All of it can be achieved by some weeks! These days on paper there isn’t any SPECIAL difference between Hipro5 and me for example! If I have a greater chip and better hardwares I can beat him so easily with a little practice. So where is skill? Where is knowledge? Where is that separating point?

But in tennis or gulf , although equipments are important but SKILL speaks first! There is no particular skill to train for overclocking. 6 Years ago I remember, the situation was better. At that time you should know something about GTLs, you should have some electronic information and at least good modding skill but these days as manufacturer wants OC to become more popular they try hard to make overclocking easier and easier.

What’s the point in OC these days?

You give me good some good HD7970 Lightning, 7Ghz 3770K and I’ll break all the records within 2 weeks but am I better than for example James ( youngpro ) or Hipro5 or … ?

Of course I’m not ! or better answer : What’s the separating point ? Result numbers ?

But with all these thoughts, overclocking still remains fun for me myself and the career of many people. I think we missed the point of overclocking. We need to create some new VALUES to make overclocking more valuable and define some new-class separating point, leagues and etc  (aside of the current benchmarks and leagues – invent something different).We all depends on hardware manufacturers but I firmly think we can arrange new benchmarks and ideas that will answer their needs but make OC more than a company marketing toy …

I don’t like to just criticize , I’ll make examples of creating new-class values. Imagine, there is much more interesting rankings for F@H (folding at home) or similar. People who have faster Computing speeds can achieve higher ranking and next to that, they can help the world. Humanity Ranking By overclockers!

Another example is making some new benchmarks that needs a team to Run! Like football for example: 5 overclockers or more work on different system simultaneous or one after each other to accomplish a goal of computing or getting a result which needs players playing lots of time individually and in team for running faster and better. In this example I wanted to emphasize on making overclocking more social and team work and of course more at the heart of overclocking.

These are just examples and maybe it seems hypothetical but when we think about them in large groups in OC Communities like XS and HWBOT, I’m sure we’ll get many decent ideas to make OC Better and Better .

Thanks for your answers!

Thank you so much for the interview !


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