When the graphics price war becomes counter productive

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A few days ago, we were telling you about this eternal fight between NVIDIA and AMD and its violent price war underneath the surface, remember? Well it seams that things have gotten to a whole new level today as PowerColor added earlier this week three new Radeon HD 7000 series graphic cards to it’s catalog.

PowerColors plays smart, but is smart clever?

The offensive graphics card brand PowerColor just added three new models of Radeon HD 7750 to its catalog. These cards sensibly similar to the original models differ from mainy one signle difference. They use GDDR3 rather than the actual “standard” which is GDDR5 for that kind of graphic cards.

Lets have a look at the odd models:

  • The three Radeon HD 7750 (with GDDR3)  come with a single-slot cooler, the same set of video outputs as the original card: DVI, HDMI and VGA , and are equipped with 1GB of GDDR (instead of 4GB on the original models).
  • In terms of frequency, the four models come with a GPU running at 800MHz, while models with GDDR5 vary from 800Mhz to 1125Mhz.


Yes and definitely not. Let me explain.

The battle on graphic cards is totally different than the battle for CPUs. For graphics there is not such thing as Intel vs. AMD where performance & price matters. Here as we saw earlier last week, only price is what makes the difference for the end consumer. So as odd and as amusing as this move from PowerColor is, the only arguments that do matter here in the end is the price.

Such move once again raises the price pressure on the graphic card market. Another element that might also appear is the fact that, undoubtedly, un-experimented and un-informed consumer will be tempted by such attractive price and go home with graphic cards that might quickly not lift up to their expectations. Sadly this is what happens when competition on price is pushed way to far …

Conclusion: If you ask yourself why this card exists. Combine VGA price war and DRAM exchange price. Mix both, shake and here you go!



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