Jeff The Turtle – Special Reporter at Computex 2011

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I’m sure most of you will think… “But Who The Hell is this ?”

As you can see from our Twitter account and our Facebook Fan Page, we are in Taiwan for the Computex 2011… and we are not alone…

Let me introduce you to one of the new mascote at OverClocking-TV : Jeff The Turtle (Say it like announcing a Boxing Fight !) !

Jeff The Turtle is the father of Boudu la tortue a brave and super-hero turtle. Jeff was born in June 2009 at the same time as the new OverClocking-TV organization.

So here we go, Jeff The Turtle is at the computex with Trouffman for a week of coverage in pictures and videos.


We left Montreal Saturday (27th) in the morning, after a short night (let’s call it a white-night as we didn’t slept…), first important stop at the Tim Hortons (Always Fresh !) for a Donuts and Hot Chocolate before 22Hours of flights…


We arrived in Taipei (Taiwan) Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm GMT -8 Taipei Time  (12 hours difference between Taipei and Montreal.), beautiful weather and usual pretty warm and humid.

While the Computex is only starting tomorrow (on the 31 of May) we already had some meeting with friends and partners.

Computex time is always a time where you can meet people you usually don’t see the rest of the year or on very few events and competitions. This is important to us at OverClocking-TV in order to give you interesting reviews, high quality videos and informations.


With the recent expansion of our Spanish Division we wanted to thanks all our friends, volunteers, contributors and fans over the World, we are doing Overclocking-TV on our free time, and it’s worth it to have your help.


So let’s get back to the pre-Computex meetings, Jeff The Turtle and Trouffman went to a Japanese BBQ (yep… japanese bbq in taiwan, it’s a pretty famous tradition apparently.)…


Jeff The Turtle feared a bit that we ate him but in the end he did enjoy the party with Saaya (most of overclockers knows him because he was working at Cell Shock then FOXCONN at the same time as Shamino.) and few other friends.



We will be hanging around with a fews Overclockers friends in the next few days. Besides of telling you about the products, we also want to share with you what’s going on within the community.

Get ready for some video action in the next few days and we wish you to enjoy our computex coverage.

Among with MoMo The Fish (An alcoholic Golden Fish), Jeff The Turtle owns have it’s own e-mail address that he is answering when he has free time between two crazy overclocking sessions…


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