Exceleram to produce SSDs and new RAM prototype – Computex 2011

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OverClocking-TV crew is in Taipei to cover the Computex with the special reporter Jeff The Turtle .

Even if the show is starting tomorrow, we have visited some companies here in the heaven of hardware-geek, one of them is Exceleram producing RAM memories and soon SSDs.

The SSD will be SATA3 with a SandForce SF-2200 and 34nm chip, the box is of red color aluminum with the painted brand logo on the top. The only sticker that will be on it is the specifications and product references on the back of the SSD.

The expected performances will be the same as other SF-2200 powered SSDs. This is mainly due to the simple fact that performances between brands most of the time do not vary much.

On the memory module side, Exceleram shows us a funny prototypes of memory RAM Heatsinks. While it’s pointless to have big and fancy heatsinks, and on the other hand because it may look cheap to not have any, they made a prototype that will use a tiny heatsink to cover only the RAM Chips (see picture below)








We will all agree that it looks way better on a black PCB Memory stick.They are also thinking about making it a bit bigger and most probably the graphics on it will most certainly change till the final version of this ram cooling prototype.


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