Overclockers.com Benchmarking Party II – Live

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Our North American fellas are doing a complete week end of benchmark and overclocking, with 540L of ln2, 20 members, lot of hardware and fun they are live all week end !

We are embedding the main feed below but you can check the two other live : overclockers’ joe and overclockers’ skip.

More details about the event :

What is a Benching Party?

The OCF Benching Team, ranked #11 in the world on HWBOT, is gathering once again to take their CPUs, GPUs and other hardware to the extreme. By using liquid nitrogen, world-class hardware enthusiasts will be overclocking to the max. Using this cold compound will eliminate the worry about temperatures shifting the focus to tweaking hardware as far as possible. Attendees will team up to get the most out of their components by sharing knowledge, insight and troubleshooting tips. Many of the benchers in attendance will be shooting for world record scores on HWBOT or personal best frequencies on their CPUs.

Extensive knowledge or background in overclocking is not a prerequisite. Veteran overclockers will be glad to help get your feet wet in exciting world of extreme cooling and the intricacies of how to overclock.

Overclockers Benchmarking Party II: Where the Bell Tolls!

On the evening of Friday June 17th, the festivities and overclocking begin. We’ll be underway with live computer hardware action at 5PM Eastern and at that time we’ll have live video and audio broadcasting on theOverclockers Livestream channel. Viewers can watch the Livestream video, chat with viewers and attendees, and follow the twitter timeline of the event from Overclockers’ Live! Currently, recorded team videos from last year’s party are looping on the channel, but at 5PM Eastern June 17th, it will cut over to live video and audio coverage of the party. Tune in and join us for the fun throughout the entire weekend! The cameras will be rolling until we head home Sunday! If you plan to watch and are on Facebook, RSVP to the event. I’ll be randomly selecting 3 online viewers for prizes, click attend!

Live in the Philadelphia area? Walk-ins welcome! We’ll be at the Crowne Plaza Philadelphia Downtown. At the front desk, ask for directions to the Overclockers Conference Room.


Source : Overclockers.com


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