The Overclocker Issue 16 : Hardware pr0n & Community vs Marketing

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It’s the back to school and it’s the time to get up and read the new issue of The Overclocker !

Click on the image to read the issue 16 of The Overclocker

In this 16th Issue of the best Overclocking Magazine, you will read about new hardware : the GTX 580 Ligthning, two Z68 Mainboard from eVGA and MSI, a GTX 570 from GIGABYTE and and 4SSD-comparaison among with the G.skill Ripjaws F3-2133Mhz review.

And as usual the editorial side with a thought and visit on the Tin’s and Kingpin’s Lair at eVGA Office in Taipei, but also the thoughts of Massman regarding the latest drama about chew* living the Overclocking world, and how this is explained by the community vs marketing choices…


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