AEOCC – The End!

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The ASUS Extreme OC Competition is reaching to it’s end. The competition went well and we all had a lot of fun during the day.

At the last gong of the competition, only one rig is still standing on the battlefield! All the others are or motherboard dead, or memory dead or CPU! Extreme!
On the 500L of ln2 planned, a few hundreds are still left, witch lets us think that the game could actually continue a little longer over night! :)

AEOCC – The results

TEAM CPU fq Pts Memory fq  Pts  Super Pi  Pts WPrime  Pts Total
Binus university 7752.7  10  1637.5  10  10:27.109  20  04.063  15  55
 BNCC Imbalatos  7635.7  8  0  10:41.156  16  04.187  12  36
 Trubus  6839  4  1499.4  8  11:18.000  8  04.266  9  29  7538.5  6  0  10:56.719  12  04.640  3  21
 nubutil++  0  1282.9  6  0  04.312  6  12

Find below the list of the contestants that participated to the competition (by ranking)

  • First place: Binus University
  • Second place: BNCC Imbalatos
  • Third place: Trubus
  • Fourth place:
  • Fifth place: nubut++

Congratulation to the winners IRIS and Coldest from the Binus University Team.  Thanks for everyone that took part into this competition.It’s now time for us to head back to the hotel and have a good night of sleep before flying back tomorrow towards Singapore and then Taipei. Big thanks to ASUS for inviting us over here in Jakarta. Great event!You will hear back from us in 2 to 3 days the time to edit and encode the videos we made here on the event :) Finally, before we leave, have a look at some of our last picks!Cheers!


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