Core i5 670 breaks the 7Ghz barrier on 32nm CPU


Our well know friend from Taiwan, Nick Shih, has just passed the 7Ghz barrier on a just-revealed CPU Intel Core i5-670.

Rising the CPU Vcore up to 2.1V with an eVGA P55 FTW 3X SLI E658 Motherboards, it’s the first CPU to achieve more than 7Ghz on new 32nm CPUs.

Core i5 670 - 7Ghz by Nick Shih
Core i5 670 - 7Ghz by Nick Shih

With almost 260Mhz of base clock and a 27 multiplier, this new Intel Core i5-670, will be for sure the new “babe” of most overclockers. We will miss our old E8600 CPU times.

Something we couldn’t miss is that Nick running under ln2 didn’t experienced any coldbug and was able to cool the CPU around -196°c !


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  1. Supreme warrior

    February 6, 2010 10:45 pm

    ONLY a Stupid man would buy it,it’s way to expensive for a dual with HT,and extreme overclocking ?????? welll what the hell I distroyed 2 Intel with crazy overclocking so this is not a real world option,so lets Kill Intel buying a QUAD.


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