2000+ Fans on OCTV Facebook : Giveaway and contest details

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Quite an achievement…

Since the beginning I really enjoy doing what make OverClocking-TV today : videos, events coverage, inside interviews, chatting with Overclockers friend around the world, moving abroad for competitions, drinking beers  together and of course having a wonderful team of people from basically all continents working together to make it happen.


But all that would never be the same without YOU, readers, viewers, twittos, friends and, of course, Facebook Fan on our OverClocking-TV Fan Page. Over the last week-End we have celebrated our 2012th Facebook Fan!

This is the occasion for us to do something unusual: a Facebook Fan Page Contest

We will do this contest, like the Hwbot Competition, there will be stages, each stages is activated by a number of Fans, and contains a questions. Be a Fan of OverClocking-TV on Facebook, answer the stage question and you qualify for the prizes.

  • Stage 1 : 2400 Fans
  • Stage 2 : 2600 Fans
  • Stage 3 : 2800 Fans
  • Stage 4 : 3000 Fans
  • Final Stage : 3333 Fans

You can participate in all stages, you get qualified for a good answer, oh and no need to spam you get qualified only once per stage. You need to stay a fan of OverClocking-TV, until we reach 3333 Fans and close the Final Stage, if not, you can’t get qualified.

There will be prizes for each round of questions that will be announced before the questions start. Each stages/questions are open from the time we post it for 1 week.

So let’ s start and invite your friends to like our Facebook Fan Page and get the first stage activated !

NB : you can’ t participate if you are from the OCTV Crew, a fake profile, an alien that love technology, a mad scientist full of plan to conquer the world, your are known as M.Beier (sorry Bro.. can’t let you win again this time !) or you are #1 on the Hwbot OC league (sorry AndreYang but I can still send you a dedicated picture :D) ! In the worst case as we reach a number of fan to activate a stage and that number of fan drop after, the stage is still activated, and the contest will be closed a month after the last stage closing date. Winners will be announced and contacted by their emails or Facebook account, if there is no answer within 30days, the price will be lost and another person selected randomly from the qualifying answers.


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