Meet the SF3D OC Triple Point by ryba & SF3D

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A little Pot-Craftmanship history


In the world of overclocking, some of us belong to the craftsmanship category and early decided to build their own ln2/dry-ice cooling solutions. After years of practice and enhancements of their technics, a few only of the builders are left on the “Pot” builder market and today they figure among the top world references of extreme cooling solutions for overclockers.

If many people know the Kingpin cooling solutions that many many of us use … daily, there is also our friend from Poland ryba that is among these Pot-Craftmans.

The SF3D OC Triple Point is Born

Today I received an email from ryba in which he enlightened me about his new pot-serie. This pot isn’t again another CPU pot on the market, but a memory one. Pretty useful in these great times in which memory benching is much more fun than SB benching, the news is very welcome :)

Second particularity of this memory pot, is that it has been designed by no-one else than our nordic friend Petri (SF3D). I can imagine that all the talent and experience of Petri went into this pot and that the performance should be fiercely meeting avid memory overclocker expectations.

The main block of this pot is in Aluminum and comes with 4 cooling plates for memory cooling contact. Also as usual, our friend provides all the screws and standard insulation material (Amaflex mat) so to save you some extra shopping hours.

To buy, as usually go through the classic channels or contact directly ryba/Petri on their dedicated Pot business email address.

SF3D OC Triple Point Eye Candy

Original PR

We are happy to announce new professional liquid nitrogen container for memory modules. This product is targeted to enthusiasts who like to push their hardware to absolute limits. Container is designed by Finnish extreme overclocker Petri Korhonen (SF3D) and it is produced in Poland by another extreme overclocker Marcin Rywak (ryba).

The new liquid nitrogen cooler for memory modules is called SF3D OC Triple Point. This product will bring fresh innovations to memory cooling and take it to the level it belongs. For example mounting mechanism is completely new, so you can use all types of memory modules since DDR1 era to latest DDR3 products. Now you can connect the memory module directly to LN2 cooler, so you don’t need to use stock heatsink with very bad thermal transfer abilities. You can use up to 4* memory modules at once.

Triple Point cooling comes with the following bundle:

  • Full solid main block (aluminium for easy temperature control)
  • Cooling plates for memory modules (4 plates in each set fit for all memory types)
  • Mounting screws
  • Insulation (Armaflex mat)

*For quad channel operation you need to use 2 sets of Triple Point LN2 cooler.


More detail & orders :


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