Extreme Overclocking Event in Cambridge next weekend!

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Cambrige King's college

Cambridge is not just a University town.

Historically, Cambridge has been well served with pubs. In 1597 there were 80 ale houses, although this was reduced to 50 because too much corn was being used for ale instead of bread! By 1749 the number had risen to 156 inns and pubs, serving a population of 10000. Today, the 110 pubs serve a population of around 125000, an average of 1136 people per pub.

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After having supported our buddies from Brazil and reported on an overclocking competition in Jakarta, it’s time to head back to Europe after the joys of CeBIT that many of us experienced and concentrate on the Islands of great britain, especially in the England part. Shall we? ;)

Facts on the OC event in Cambridge

Reported on the overclock.net forums, we heard over twitter ( @el_gappo ) that our buddies from UK will be holding some very interesting benching event next weekend. The event will be hold in the city of Cambridge over next weekend (saturday 17th and Sunday 18th) with a checkin possibility on the 16th.

Cambridge OC event – the Schedule

On their forums we can find a brief schedule of what will be the weekend like. On the menu there are two separate and distinct kind of activities organized. First the ones for the Novice and First timers and one for the Pro-overclockers and regular ln2 benchers out there.

What is really great to see here is that for our newbies, there is all kinds of nice activities programmed. It first will start with some basics, safety and science explanations and then they shall move on to some practical benching experimentation with a practical assessment at the end. We highly recommend to all the ones that have the chance to reach Cambridge this weekend to check this out!  Lerning from the pro’s thats the way it has to be!

The afternoons on the other hand are dedicated to some open free benching which is the occasion for all overclockers present to access the precious ln2 resource and most importantly bench and share benching knowledge, intel and tweaks to each others.

Cambridge OC Event Schedule

I had some free time this afternoon so I remade the schedule … in a little more design fashion :p (click to enlarge)

Last words

According to the event poster, it seems that Gigabyte, Intel and Nvidia are listed among the sponsors. I would like to use this last words sections to thanks these sponsor for their support to the overclocking community. These events are what most of us are willing to join, and I think learning by benching with peers is the best way to learn.

Enjoy the event my friends, send us some pics!


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