EVGA Precision X overclocking software

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If the launch of the Kepler based new GPU from Nvidia made quite some noise this week within the community and beyond, the Geforce GTX 680 already proved to be a record smashing GPU as  k|ngp|n showed us with its impressive scores. Lets have a look at their latest published tuning software called the EVGA Precision X.

 k|ngp|n GTX680 record
k|ngp|n GTX680 15327 record

HWBOT submission 

EVGA Precision X Tool

With this launch, EVGA featured two things. First, the now famous EVGA EPOWER circuit and the new version of their Precision software to make the necessary tunings on the later Nvidia GPUs called Precision X. Precision X is announced by EVGA to be the ultimate GeForce controller.

Designed to support the latest GPUs, the precision X tools you allows you do do the following:

  • GPU and Memory Frequency/Clock Offset
  • Power Target Control (GeForce GTX 680)
  • Frame Rate Target Control
  • GPU Voltage Adjustment
  • Fan Control/Fan Curve
  • Profiling system allowing up to 10 profiles with optional hotkey
  • Robust monitoring allowing ingame, system tray, and/or Logitech LCD monitoring
  • In game screenshot hotkey, supports BMP, PNG and JPG formats
EVGA Precision X Screenshot
EVGA Precision X GUI Screenshot


By the way, you don’t want to miss out on the Unkorking guide by TiN published on the kingpincooling forum !

EVGA Precision X Language support

The software comes out of the box with the native support of 7 languages that are: English, Dutch, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian. This is a great move that will probably give the tool even more popularity and a allow worldwide overclockers to make a better usage of the tool by understanding all its features.

EVGA Precision X Video

For this new release, EVGA also publish a video on their YouTube channel which is pretty nice, have a look!

EVGA Precision X Download

The current version starts at v3.0.1.  And is available for free download on the EVGA website under this link : http://www.evga.com/precision/. Only limitation is to be a member and then login to enable the download link of the page.  The precision legacy (the old tool from EVGA for the previous GPU revisions) remains available for download in version 2.1.2 but isn’t recommended anymore as the newest one is way better anyway.

EVGA Precision X for android

The precision X tool will soon be completed by a remote android app that will allow users to tune and adjust the different setting directly and remotely from their android phone. The app isn’t yet available but there is one screen shot on the EVGA website that shows a sample of the GUI that already looks promising :) We can’t wait to try it out!

EVGA Precision X for android
EVGA Precision X for android GUI

Share us your impressions about this new version and have fun with it for those that already have some Kepler at home :)



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