Gigabyte Extreme Overclocking Workshop in Perth

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Yes we love workshops, yes we love overclocking, so yes … we love overclocking workshops! This weekend again, Gigabyte is back in Australia for some overclocking action in what they call the “Gigabyte Extreme Overclocking Workshops”

What, When and Where?

Note simply this: The workshop will be taking place this weekend in Perth, Australia. Hosted by TeamAU and with the help of AtomicPC magazine, this event is open to public and intends to give access to the workshop to 16 people more less. Off course, because it is this weekend, the registration already closes but there is a good news!

If you’ve missed out don’t worry, we are going to pick 4 more guys at the venue so make sure you show up!

So don’t despair and show up! It’s as simple as that and maybe you can still participate. On the menu there will be some x79 benching with the Gigabyte UD7-XOC board The venue is the Lan World in Rocingham ( 12 Commodore Dr, ROCKINGHAM, WA, 616 ) and will start on march 25th, 10am !

Overclocking Workshop with TeamAU

TeamAU are the ones behind this extreme overclocking workshops and here is a list of the guys that will be all over the weekend lead the show:

  • Deanzo
  • Dinos22
  • Sniperoz
  • Yougpro
  • UncleFester
  • Kayl
  • T_M
  • BoB (NZ)

Who is sponsoring this madness?

According to the TeamAU forum post, there will be about 800L of ln2 there. This madness and greatness of overclocking is only possible thanks to the involvement of sponsors that we have to thank for it, here they are:

  • Gigabyte
  • Intel
  • Kingston
  • Thermaltake

Big thanks to them and good luck to our Australian friend over the weekend. Have fun with ln2, enjoy the bench an please send us some pictures and god scores!

Cheers, have a magical weekend everybody! :D


In case you don’t know, who is teamAU

TeamAU has been around for many years and has been on top of overclocking game since formation. Lots of world records, competition wins and general beta testing for different hardware manufacturers has enabled the guys to accrue incredible amounts of knowledge and experience in this extreme overclocking hobby. The time has come to share the knowledge with the community and that’s exactly what this workshop is all about. We want to help the up and coming guys take the next step, show you how we overclock, give you our Liquid nitrogen contacts, show you some tips and fast track you to becoming the next big Australian overclocker. We are all extremely passionate about this sport and want to see it grow and give a helping hand to this community which has helped us all start from scratch. We highly recommend you come and join us in Perth for this once in a lifetime chance to meet some of the overclocking champions from your country and show you what overclocking is all about .


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