Earth Hour 2012, Switch-off your rig is back!

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Yes yes, I know what you guys are going to say … who cares? Well if many people on earth don’t have clew what our planet is suffering from, at least some of us do and act. Indeed earth hour doesn’t really act in the way it is going to change something but act as a display of a movement to drive awareness around our planet’s health and our excessive power consumption that drains our precocious resources while in many places polluting heavily that planet for our children’s to live on.

Please take a few minutes for reading the following and thanks ahead for joining the movement.

What is Earth Hour

Some of you probably  know that today, Saturday 31st of March is the so called “Earth Hour” day. If you don’t, then you probably are asking already what is this earth hour , right?

Well the idea is quite simple. All of you know that we are now almost seven billion people on earth. For most of us in our rich and developed countries where life is made easy and comfortable through electricity, we are used to over consume, waste and most importantly not care at all about our old planet earth. Our planet, that this year again isn’t on the track of recovery at all.

The Earth Hour organization isn’t the sort of crazy extremist ecologist organization that asks us all to go back to the stone age, but the goal is through a simple annual event, to mobilize and instruct people to the fact that what we have is precious, that our electricity is something that shouldn’t be wasted and much more.

For this years edition of the Earth Hour, OverClocking-TV pursues the idea of raising awareness around the topic to the overclocker community with the same action plan : “Turn of your rig!”

Saturday, March 31st from 8:30 to 9:30pm!

Stop clocking, for 1 hour, log-off the OC forums and communities, switch off your lights, laptops, computers and bench stations. Close the ln2 tank in your garden (that we sure all have .. or at least dream of it every night). Take an hour of fresh air sharing a good beer with friends and take the time to think about all of this.

As many did last year, we hope that this year again we will be even more to turn off all this electronic and think about our planet.



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