MOA 2012 – Competition starts soon!


Massman from HWBOT got hold on the official to be published for the end of this week and already leaked the info on the BOT. So there is no longer need to hold the news to reach the world of overlockers anymore. About a months ago, we were informing you about a Slogan competition organized by MSI on their Facebook page for the MOA 2012, and a few weeks ago the result and the slogan of “Revolution Begins” got announced as an official confirmation of  the MOA with promise of more news in April.

April second, MOA 2012 here we are!

As we were supposing in our last news on the MOA 2012, the competitions being online for this years season of MOA, it will hold on HWBOT using the HWBOT Competition engine. Massman’s and overclockers dream being with it granted! Indeed, competition engine offers way more flexibility, a stable platform that is more efficient than a hand updated HTML page. Also this gives to HWBOTs user and the MOA qualifiers a way better start with close to live scoreboards and score validations through the procedure we are sued too.

Here is the official PR

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) joins the most stable Military Class III components with record-breaking overclocking performance. Themed “Steel World”, MSI has forged the first evolution starting with the American Regional Qualifiers on the world-class overclocking community website on April 13, 2012!

The American Regional Qualifiers this year consist of three stages: 3DMark11, 3DMark03 and SuperPI 32M. Each with a different point scheme. There will be no model limitation on MSI mainboards and graphics cards, however entries are limited to single CPU and GPU setups. A cut-off elimination will be applied on May 4th (75% of the contest period) after which the qualifiers will continue with only the best 15 overall participants. At the end of competition on May 10th, the top three winners are qualified as MOA representative of the Americas. They are free to choose another friend to team up with and have the chance to continue their journey to the MSI Master Overclocking Arena Grand Final!

Winner Awards:

  • 1st: MOA 2012 Grand Final tickets to Taiwan
  • 2nd: MOA 2012 Grand Final tickets to Taiwan
  • 3rd: MOA 2012 Grand Final tickets to Taiwan
  • 4th: MSI Mainboard Z77A-GD80*1
  • 5th: MSI Mainboard Z77A-GD65*1
  • Lucky Draw(*2): MSI R7770 Newest Graphics Cards

Do not hesitate now! Gear up your MSI weapons and let the evolution begins!

More information please refer to
MOA AM Qualifier- (activates from Apr. 13)
MOA website-
MOA Facebook-

MOA 2012 – How to qualify online

In his forum post, massman gives us some more informations on how the online qualifiers will be hold.

There will be 3 online qualifiers: Americas, EMEA and APAC. They will be running in different time frames and are also a little different in terms of qualification for the Grand Final later this year.

  • Americas: 13/04 – 10/05, best of 3 continue
  • EMEA: 18/05 – 14/06, best of 5 continue
  • APAC: 15/06 – 19/07, best of 4 continue

Note:  there are no limitations on the amount of teams that can qualify per country. Ie, if the best 3 teams from the Americas qualifier are all from Bolivia, then 3 Bolivian teams will be in the MOA 2012 final.

MOA 2012 – Hardware limitation

For the online qualifiers, further regulations will be communicated if changes and be available in the competition engine of HWBOT each time, so please check it our once your region’s competition will be up. Here is what we can already say about the limitations:

  • single CPU videocard
  • single GPU videocard
  • only MSI mainboards
  • only MSI graphics cards
  • no ES samples allowed, only retail
  • hardware used must be released before the start of the competition (note: commercial NDA, not media NDA!)
  • the usage of Virtu MVP is not allowed

So nothing special here besides the fact that since Ivy Bridge CPUs aren’t officially launched yet, they are not eligible for the Americas qualifier. For the EMEA and APAC qualifiers, they will be allowed.

MOA 2012 – Benchmarks

For the three benchmarks of the MOA 2012 online qualifiers, we have the following points calculation scheme based on specific engine algorithmes.

  • 3DMark11: 60 – 43,2 – 38,4 – 36 – 33,6 – 31,2 – 28,8 – 26,4 – 24 – 21,6 – 19,2 – 16,8 – 14,4 – 12 – 9,6 – 7,2 – 4,8 – 2,4 – 0 – 0 – …
  • 3DMark03: 25 – 18 – 16 – 15 – 14 – 13 – 12 – 11 – 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 0 – 0 – …
  • SuperPI 32M: 15 – 10,8 – 9,6 – 9 – 8,4 – 7,8 – 7,2 – 6,6 – 6 – 5,4 – 4,8 – 4,2 – 3,6 – 3 – 2,4 – 1,8 – 1,2 – 0,6 – 0 – 0 – …

MOA 2012 – How to make online qualifiers more interesting! Bye bye sandbaggers

Here is the little surprise (among the surprises of this news itself). In online qualifiers, there are always this kind of people that keep their scores as they know these scores are the ones to be in the top no matter what happens, and only submit them at the last minute. Are you one of those people?

Well this time it won’t work, and you better submit your scores before it’s too late. Here is what massman says:

… for the MOA 2012 we will implement an elemination cut to force those annoying sandbaggers to play their cards a little earlier in the game. The elimination will take place after 75% of the competition (we’ll provide exact date, time, timezone) and will only allow the 15 best overall ranked to continue submitting. If you don’t make the top-15 cut, you will no longer be allowed to submit in the rest of the competition.

Note that the scores of the eliminated participants are still valid for the competition. So, if someone only submits the highest SuperPI-32M score and gets eliminated, you’ll still have to beat that score to get the 15 points.

Damn I love this already ! :)

MSI MOA 2012 Visual
MSI MOA 2012 Visual

MOA 2012 – Competition starting soon…

So as you saw, the first up in the online qualifiers will be as usual our fellow friends from the American continent (North, middle and south) on April 14th, so in a few weeks from now. This should leave them the necessary time to get hold on the proper hardware and get ready to bench some SandyBitch!



2 Responses

  1. rbuass

    April 3, 2012 5:04 pm

    To avoid disaster, please do not allow Ivy Bridge to a competition. In North America they can find easy after launched (april 29), but to South America will be impossible, because It will arrive at least 30 days after.
    To be fair, just allow Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge E.

    • Xyala

      April 14, 2012 11:40 am

      Only SB for Americas. Good decision from MSI. But really to bad these CPUs got delayed so much. Would have been great to have all the MOA on IB though


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