Overclocking gathering in Brazil last weekend

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Weekend OC gathering in São Paulo

As expected those guys (me included) had lots of fun:

RBUASS tasting some LN2
RBUASS tasting some LN2


It started at 2pm on Saturday and ended on the next day at 7am only after all the ln2 was gone.  Tons of OC experiences were shared and also some really important life lessons.

Danilo was one of the new faces in this meeting, as a tetraplegic person, his love to technology touched everybody who was there by making clear that OC doesn’t has barriers. It can be enjoyed by every human being who wants to take the most out of his hardware. Thanks to him, the death of three VGAs wasn’t felt as bad as it would have. Most of us can move freely, losing hardware due to excessive OCing should not be a reason to be upset.

Brazilian overclockers during the weekend
Brazilian overclockers

 Great people, Great Mood

Besides the learned life lessons, there was lots of pizza, chocolate, really funny moments and, of course, benchmarks. People who brought their gaming rigs had them properly Overclocked, people curious about extreme overclocking were able to have the first contact with ln2 cooling and some of the greatest Brazilian Overclockers were able to have serious benchmark action.

brazilian OC weekend after marth
Some mess

Brazilian Overclocking Talents

Also, some skilled Brazilian hardmodders (the Schenckel brothers) had the opportunity to show how to give a second chance to one dead VGA. The participants could watch a burnt MOSFET being replaced and a power phase being added to the video card. These guys are really talented and on every meeting they come with new knowledge to share.

Vmodding    OC vmod gear

Usually, every time the I2I3 Overclocking team gathers at least one W.R. is achieved and this time it wasn’t different, but due to Ivy Bridge’s launch it didn’t last that much.


Brazilians OCs benching

Final Words

It was an inspiring meeting, new friends, new OC lovers, more experience being shared, the Brazilian OCers are already waiting for the next party and for those that couldn’t participate, you can’t miss the next one!


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