Asus launches the first real-time online overclocking game: OC KnockOut

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Wow, this is something that appeared like a bomb on the radar tonight. Yes gentleman’s you heard it. Asus introduced today the first real time overclocking game!

ASUS OC KnockOut (aka. ASUS OCKO)

For those of you that haven’t yet seen post as I just saw on XS, here is the link: ASUS OCKO launch

ASUS OC KnockOut game OCKO - in game screenshot
ASUS OC KnockOut game OCKO - in game screenshot

Asus has today introduced to the overclocking community something that many of use are waiting for years … even decades! Be able to compete synchronously and get rid of these screenshots capture reflexes that until now where the only ways (even in Live competitions) to compete against each others. This software (or I should actually say, this game) kind of kicks of overclocking as a real e-sport this time. This changes completely the game.

ASUS OC KnockOut – Walkthrough

In his forum post on XS, Peter posted a link of a short youtube video clip in which he quickly demonstrates how to play a match. This video is a basic walkthrough a type game in which he faces Shamino on the other side.

As we didn’t had yet the possibility to try out the game, here is what we can tell from the video:

  • Basically once you have launched the game, you connect to some sort of server.
  • Form there you can or host or join a game. Within the game the overclocker has possibilities to choose among a list of possible benchmarks in which he is going to face one or more opponents. (the opponent parameter can also be adjusted accord to the overclocker’s wishes).
  • Once both player ready, the game starts and the game run’s in background the benchmark while displaying live both scores of each player.
  • Once the rounds over, the winner is declares and points get attributed.

Awesome, right? :)

ASUS OC KnockOut – What next?

Well from what we can see from the game, it is design by the Asus ROG dev team. We can’t tell yet if it runs only on ASUS boards or not, but in any case it should attract a few of us just for the fun of trying it.

ASUS  OCKO - in game
ASUS OCKO - in game

But this step made already a mark in the overlocking history. This game demonstrates that live synchronous overclocking competition are possible (at least for 2D so far). Even though the game is still at its early stage, we believe that the future lies in immediate oppositions of players and thus ASUS played here a good card.

We now want to see how this can connect and work out with our actual global overclocking competition platform that is HWBOT. If there is a way to make both connect, it would be great!

ASUS OC KnockOut – Last words

Great job by ASUS for the launch of this game and we are looking forward to follow the development of this game and it’s impact on the OC community.


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