Computex 2012 – Colorful

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Computex 2012 was full of surprises and news as usual, but if we had to choose the product that caught our attention we should note that was in the booth of Colorful. Come and see the mega thermal solution designed for the GTX680 from theirs HQ’s.

First, we invite you to enjoy the enthusiasm of us when recording the video at the booth.

Colorful GTX 680 Passive with huge Cooler


Colorful GTX 680 MASSIVE Cooler with air, watercooling and ln2


And now let us tell you a little more in depth this is the solution for the GTX680. As we seen and heard we can say that all parts of the VGA, you understand GPU-Memory-VRM, do direct contact with a copper base to transfer heat to a steam chambers connected to thin fins with heatpipes.

Using this special cooler we’re able to remove the fan that is embedded in the middle to switch to other alternatives like watercooling or LN2. and you can still put some more heatpipe on the back fo the card too.

Theses two product for sure cought interest, but we doubt this to really be retail one day !

No more to say, enjoy the photo gallery.

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