MSI MOA 2012 – APAC Qualifiers Elimination hits!

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So far the we reported on the two first phases of the MSI MOA 2012 which are the Americas qualifiers and the EMEA ones that ended a few weeks ago. Both of these two first were quite satisfactory successes and we were really looking forward for the APAC ones that started on June 12 right after the end of the Computex 2012.

MOA 2012 APAC – Where are the overclockers?

As for the both precedent qualifications rounds, the APAC qualifiers also integrates this year an elimination round seven days before the deadline. Supposedly preventing sandbaggers to keep their scores until the last minute of the competion, this automatic BOT algorithm simply kicks out every overclocker that didn’t made it that far into the top15.

So far it worked great, but it is quite the opposite for the MOA APAC. Well .. actually it worked but differently. Until a few hours before the end, there was only 10 overclockers in the race: sandbaggers alert! 

At time of writing the elimination just hit and 17 overclockers are now ranked in the contest (7 of them being sandbaggers). The participation rate for these APAC qualifiers are about 30% lower than for europe but it is still at the same level than Americas that also had 17 overclockers ranked. We had prepared some explanations in case only 10 overclockers would be in the race, but sadly the last hours kind of killed our great investigation journalistic efforts ><


MOA 2012 APAC – Elimination Hits.

So today the MOA APAC Elimination hit and all the top 15 overclockers are continuing to the next round (without surprises). The pro overclockers oc_windforce from Korea and Gyrock from Japan are leading the contest so far followed by I.R.I.S and SniperOZ both in the the standard OC league. All these first four sport are at stake as they all grant access to the worldwide finals in Taiwan in September.

MSI MOA 2012 APAC Elimination ranking
MSI MOA 2012 APAC Elimination ranking

Now there is exactly 7 days left of competition left. All these overclockers will have to maintain or raise up their position in order to keep or not their seats for the finals. Good luck to all of them!

And don’t forget, Keep pushing it!



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