CES 2010– Xtreme Systems Party January 9, 2010 in Vegas

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Taking advantage of the CES being held in Las Vegas, XtremeSystems, the very famous website in overclocking’s world will organize a festive bench party on January 9th from 5pm to midnight (Las Vegas time).

Many manufacturers will be present:

– The memory manufacturer Kingston offers the Bulgarian dinner (!)
– Thermaltake offers a cold Serbian buffet  (and yes liquid nitrogen makes people hungry !)
– Transportation of participants will be provided by Swiftech
– OCZ will offer SSD and memory sticks as prizes for the best
– Corsair will provide memory and power supplies used for the bench
– Futuremark also distribute some licenses

– … It may even AMD reserves a surprise!

This event will provide an opportunity to admire K|ngp|n mistreat the new Intel 32nm CPU and some new GPUs !

Also this show will take place within the confines of a kart circuit so a kart competition will also be organized. the different worlds will confront each other with manufacturers Vs manufacturers, media Vs media, overclockers Vs media and manufacturer … and so much more !

A race lasts 12 laps with an average of 30s per lap. Prizes will be awarded to race participants!

The objectives of this party are have fun … and all kinds of world records !

Of course, we will keep you informed in a timely manner the results of this show which is likely to be Legendary …    ^ _ ^

Shamino (left) et K|ngp|n (right) will be in !


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