Gigabyte OC School Tour in Germany

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Gigabyte is as we would say “keep pushing it” in the domain of the OC education, and they are doing it the right way. As we had been taugh and were telling you in our previous news reguarding the GOOC 2013, even if Gigabyte isn’t taking the way of global OC contest, they are not forgeting the overclocking community.

Gigabyte OC School Tour

Gigabyte Germany prepared for the comming weekend and week a short OC tour around a few cities in Germany to preach the good words of overclocking to a hand full of lucky enthusiats that could get a seat into these seminars.

The tour is visiting four major German cities on the following dates:

  • Munich – 04/08
  • Frankfurt – 06/08
  • Düsseldorf – 08/08
  • Berlin – 10/08
Gigabyte OC School Roadrip
Gigabyte OC School Roadrip


“The purpose of this OC school is to have end users to learn about how to tune up their PC with advises from professionals” says Gigabyte representative Leo Chu. During these OC schools, gigabyte is going to introduce utilities that users may use to boost their PC performance and assist to overclocking demonstrations made by, der8auer from the PC Games Hardware Extreme team.

OC School specifications

The target audience is the normal end users with basic knowledge of building their own PC system. As the target audiences are normal end users, air cooling and not LN2.

The rig is build based on the following hardware:

  • CPU: INTEL Corei7 3770K
  • Motherboard: GBT Z77X-UD3H MB
  • Graphics: GBT GV-N56GSO-1G1
  • Memory: KINGSTON KHX2400C11D3K4/8GX
  • SSD: SH103S3/90G( 90GB Hyper 3X SSD )
Gigabyte OC School rig
Gigabyte OC School rig


The goal for Gigabyte being to evangelize end users to the OC capabilities of the z77 platform and also to introduce earlier launched boards/features during the computex like the Ultra Durable 5 and Thunderbolt among other star features of their actual board series.

Gigabyte OC School
Gigabyte OC School

Thoughts over the OC School concept

As it seems to be, these OC School events appear to be on invitation only bases. Some might say that it could have been cool to open up a little more the schools to more participants but hey, lets not complain and salute the initiative!

Events like this are always a good way to give a little kick to the community :) Then it is our role to make sure that the fresh overclocking blood that comes out of these schools doesn’t forget about what they have learned and keep pushing it at home !

What do you think? Share your thoughts about such events! Would you like to have an OC School tour in you country?


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