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MSI leaks out its next motherboard

As the drawback of thunderbolt capable motherboards is price, MSI came up with a board that finally will make thunderbolt accessible: the Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt

Today’s high-speed interconnect Intel, Thunderbolt, PC has been introduced with the help of some manufacturers of motherboards and demonstrated that it has many advantages. The drawback with these boards is that enjoying this plus is also synonymous with enjoying a high prices when buying it. This is soon old history!

MSI plans a sub 200USD Thunderbolt capable motherboard

The answer to that recently appeared on the wall of MSI’s on Facebook where they posted the diagram of a mysterious unidentified motherboard which could only make out the words “Thunderbolt”.

The Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt ?

Digging a little deeper we could get additional informations and identify that this motherboard is a variant of the plate Z77A-G45 and it will come equipped with Thunderbolt support. As if that was not enough, we’ve been shown a comparative picture in which MSI says the Z77A-G45 motherboard will not only be cheaper, but also that its Thunderbolt delivers according to them 35% more performance than other more expensive boards.

Of course this comparison was made and given to us by MSI, further review by a third party will be only capable of proving as such. Nevertheless this looks really interesting as the price tag fight seem to more and more reach the motherboard market.

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