Computex OC Main Event by CORSAIR & Intel – The videos


The Computex OC Main Event organised by CORSAIR and INTEL was on June 3rd, at Marquee Taipei, right across the street of Taipei 101.

This event was in two parts, first was the Top Speed Overclocking then the freestyle overclocking.

We talked with John Beekley, Vice-President at CORSAIR and with Darrin Lynch, Product Marketing Engineer at INTEL about the event location, rules, promotion and feedback.


Update : The post-event movie is available at the end of this article.


Top Speed Overclocking

The teams used the latest motherboards from ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI, equipped with the INTEL z87 chipset and using Intel 4th Generation Core CPU. CORSAIR supplied the memory, the PSUs and a SSD to every teams in order to reach maximum frequencies.

8-pack & zzolio from UK took over the SuperPi 32M score, with a 4m:49.344s score.

Dinos22 and HiCookie reached the maximum memory frequency with 1891.4 MHz ( that is a 3782.8 MHz DDR3 frequency rating), find out more in the video below :

While theses guys were having fun on the memory, Lin222 and Mad222  Hong Kong were abusing a Core i7 4770K trying to get ht emost out of it. Finally they reached 6984.18 MHz, here are more about their achievement :


Freestyle Overclocking

Using the Intel 4th Generation Core CPUs along with any Corsair memory, each teams tried to reach the highest score in 8 benchmarks.

The benchmarks are :

Andre_Yang did a massive work here as he submitted every benchmarks with the biggest score of the day! Taking over 8 000$ in cash prizes…

Computex OC Main event ScoreBoard

Some of the scores were submitted as the very last time, and the excitation was at his maximum while some teams were benching until the very last time, like Elmor and Der8auer on 3DMark11

It was really nice to see and meet in person some long time friends and finally meet new ones :) Thanks a lot to CORSAIR and INTEL for bringing this event, it was quite frankly a very interesting way to have multiple motherboard manufactuers involved.

We will love to see more of this in the future.

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The post-event movie is available right here on OverClocking-TV :

Keep pushing it !


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