Der8auer, SF3D, K|ngp|n : Ln2 container market at a glance

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Last week, or the past few weeks to be exact, there was a lot of news going on around the ln2 containers, we are summing all that for you guys to not miss drop… of ln2.

der8auer Fusion rev 3.1 CPU Pot

Let’s start with der8auer that announced his CPU pots called Fusion rev 3.1 and here is the list of the improvments :

  • Higher copper part with more weight
  • Deeper structure and chamber connections
  • Smaler temperature hole (community wish )
  • New way of nickel plating with 7 times thinner layer for better heat transfer (ed.: We can feel the marketing kicking in !)
  • Aluminium tops anodized in different colours (ed.: Black, Red, Green, Blue)
  • Aluminium mountings anodized in different colours
  • LT Edition with POM top and POM mounting for less condensation water and less weight. In addition you need less LN2 to cool down the pot
  • New backplate made of black POM
  • New packaging

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Source : Hwbot Forum Thread – Credit : der8auer / 8ECC

Note : POM mean Polyoxymethylene, its a polymer (plastic) quite strong and resistant. It is used by some ln2 pot producer against the tradition metal to reduce heat transfert and condensation on the mouting kit of ln2 pot.

You can check out our interview with Roman der8auer Hartung we published on OverClocking-TV few weeks ago.

Source : Fusion rev 3.1 by der8auer via Hwbot


SF3D show off new mounting system for CPU Pot



Back in January 11th, 2013 SF3D OC and EK Water Blocks announced a partnership to bring to market new performance oriented ln2 container.

This cooperation is startign to show great result first of all with the new mounting system SF3D shown on his facebook page that should provide perfect fit everytime and hassle free insulation process.

While we will be really looking forward for more informations, check out the pictures on the left to get an idea.

This mounting kit will be featured on SF3D OC Inflection point EVO LN2 CPU container.

Source : SF3D OC Facebook Page


Another news from SF3D OC is a new Memory container taht will be cross compatible with already existing EKWB memory waterblocks, so you could “use it as a watercooler when LN2 is not needed” (ed.: corrected a typo :D … in a hurry Petri ? ).

3D rendering of the Triple point EVO Memory Cooler
3D rendering of the Triple point EVO Memory Cooler
First batch of the Triple point EVO Memory Cooler
First batch of the Triple point EVO Memory Cooler

It will be interesting to see if there are differences between the differents memory container or if that will be differentiated by the packaging and features.

Source / Credit : SF3D OC Facebook Page


K|ngp|n Cooling discounting

Vince’s most famous pot the KPC DRAGON F1 Dark is on sale at 230$USD + 25$USD Worldwide shipping, that is the lowest price ever for this legendary pot. This offer is up until the official Haswell launch that is scheduled right before Computex (June 2, 2013).

You can buy this pot on webshop.


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