RasberryPi reach 1.5Ghz overclocking, stopped by software limitation

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Who would ever think to take a 25USD device (RasberryPi), replace the power delivery circuit with an eVGA EPower that cost about 4 times more, cool the SoC with a sub-zero system and push s much as you can.

That was the idea rsnubje (best overclocker in the Netherlands) put into action. The BCM 2835, an ARM-based SoC from Broadcom was pushed to more than double of the default speed (700Mhz), reaching 1.5Ghz.

Interesting point is that rsnubje hit… a software limit and not the hardware limit. ARM-based SoC can be very interesting for overclockers as the ecosystem is different from the PC ecosystem, you cannot buy the SoC and plug on a board, they are always part of a complete system.

To gauge the performance increase, we used the Java based HWBOT HWBOT Prime benchmark, which completed with a score of 795.18 pps, a world record. Interestingly, this performance approaches that of Intel’s slowest Atom processors.

Credit : Hardware.info - RasberryPi overclocking
Credit : Hardware.info – RasberryPi overclocking

In order to see if we can pass the 1.5 GHz barrier, we are talking with the Raspberry Pi’s software developers.

As stated this seems to be a software limitation and not the hardware limitation, looking forward for more accomplishment in the near future.

More information on Hardware.info


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