GraduS breaks 3DM01 single GPU WR with MSI VGA!

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Previously, the 3DMark 2001 single GPU world record was taken by Stummerwinter with a GTX 280.
Today, a well-known overclocker from Russia had some issues with an MSI GTX 275 Lightning: he manages an impressive score of 132420 marks. Some people just won’t believe that but we know that in December, Massman, a Belgian overclocker, found a golden lightning VGA that had no coldbug, no OVP, no OCP without hardmodding the VGA.

The setup used was obviously the best couple for 3DMark 01: an Asus Rampage Extreme motherboard and an Intel E8600 processor. Of course, the CPU and the VGA were cooled with LN2.

The impressive point is the VGA frequency used: 1320 MHz for the GPU, 1470 MHz for the memory and 2647 MHz for the shaders (instead of 700/1150/1404). No other card can do that!

Well, let’s see the score!

GraduS's 3DMark01 score

You can also see the score on HWBot.

Congratulations for the WR!


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