HWBOT World Tour – Latin America – Live Stream

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It’s been already quite some time that at HWBOT the news is out regarding the 2016 edition of the World Tour. For those of you who don’t know what it is, the HWBOT World Tour is simply the largest live overclocking event series in the world!

Again, for 2016, the HWBOT World Tour events will be featuring the three types of activities they are famous for. A Workshop where people can learn about overclocking, competitions for both amateur overclockers (those from the workshop) and extreme, and a bench party (aka. Gathering) which is about having fun overclocking together for extreme or less-extreme overclockers attending the event.

7 Events are planned this year already:

  • January 26-31 – Sao Paulo Brazil: Campus Party
  • March 18-20 – Cape Town, South Africa: rAge Expo
  • March 26-28 – Poitiers, France: Gamers Assembly
  • April 15-17 – Montreal, Canada: LanETS
  • May 31-June 4 – Taipei, Taiwan: Computex
  • October – South East Asia
  • Q4 2016 – Berlin, Germany: Caseking

HWBOT World Tour 2016 banner

You can learn more about it on the Official World Tour 2016 page.

Live Coverage by OverClocking-TV

For this year, the HWBOT World Tour has partnered up with multiple media outlets among which Overclock.net, Tecmundo as well as OverClocking-TV. In this partnership, our role will be to focus on what we do best, livestreams !

For 2016 we will take it a step further compared to last year’s edition. This time around the focus will be on competitions with a bit of disruptions as the World Series will this year feature local qualifiers and finals, in an all-new & innovative way using 1vs1 brackets! Now, I don’t know for you, but this sounds really interesting!

First live from Latin America in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The first stop of the World Tour 2016 will take place at the Campus Party Brazil. This event is huge! It’s the largest Campus Party in all Latin America and it will last for a whole week. Keep an eye on the official schedule for the overclocking activities looks like:


A streaming marathon for a 5 day straight would be insane, so we’ve decided to focus on the essentials and this is what you will be able to follow live:

HWBOT World Tour 2016 – Latin America @ Campus Party, Sao Paulo, brasil

We’ve also partnered up with Tecmundo, we will have the pleasure to do our first bi-lingual livestream in both English and Portuguese! Everything will be streamed live on the Twitch.tv OverClocking-TV channel, make sure to give us a follow and subscribe to our email newsletter. We are looking forward to see you all on the chat!

Meanwhile, have a great week and don’t forget, Keep Pushing It!


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