Are the days of manual OC counted? Here comes the OCC-X Dual extreme cooling solution by L&L Cooling

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We’ve had the chance to talk with Brian Loomis from L&L Cooling as he was attending the Summer 2016 OC Party in Harrisburg, PA. Brian shared with us some insightful details on how his extreme cooling solution, the OCC-X Dual works.

OCC-X Dual product overview

The OCC-X Dual which basically consists of a set of CPU and GPU pots, connects both of these directly to an LN2 tank (22PSI required). This allows for a simple and precise control of the cryogenic LN2 cooling flow form your tank straight to the hardware you want to cool.

lnlcooling OCC-X dual GPU container with cryogenic valve

The whole system is pretty impressive and comes with an easy mounting solution (it’s easier than a custom loop water-cooling to some extend) and includes a fully computerized control solution to set target temperatures and monitor everything in real time

In other words : No more manual pouring into containers and so forth.

Control and monitoring form a tablet
Control and monitoring form a tablet

Here is a little video of us and him having a casual talk about their solution.


Another point worth mentioning is that at the event, Brian was using the solution mounted on a setup placed inside a close case. Doing it this ways has the advantage that no insulation is required. Indeed, as the LN2 expands and fills the case, the ambient air filled with humidity is removed and thus cancels out any risks of condensation.

Also, since the temperature within the case drops below 50C, if there was to be any humidity, it would instantly freeze. Something overclockers in very humid regions such as Asia would really appreciate.



OCC-X is fully modullar

Are you benching only CPU, or also GPU, or 1x CPU and 4x GPU’s? No problem. On top of being pratical to connect, the system also happens to be fully modular according to Brian. You can simply hook us as many of the specially build containers onto the system and pilot these to your needs.

Just like Kingpin demoed at computex, for the needs of a 4way system, such solution is definitely a great competitive advantage for someone that would want to run such a beast as a mone man gig.

OCC-X Dual pricing

Brian didn’t gave us a retail price for the solution yet, but we can expect something around at least a goo 4,000 USD if compared to what they propose already on their website as parallel products.

Stay tuned!

Is this the end of “manual” benching?

Now with a system like this, extreme overlocking seemingly becomes simpler. The difficulty that remains being the sourcing of 22 PSI tanks (or rental) and funds to invest in the solution.

Note: I believe you can quickly make your investment back if you consider that most people pay 2-3Euros / L of LN2 incl delivery + tax, and the ridiculous amount of LN2 that is wasted when pouring open-air or transferring LN2 from dewars to flasks not counting form the tank to the dewar.

So what does this mean for the more traditional “manual” overclocking way of life? Is temperature control and pouring with manual expertise going to become a thing of the past? All sports evolve with technological advancements, and this could very well be a sign (if we add up Kingpin’s demo of his solution at computex to this product) that more and more overclockers will consider using such solutions for their daily overclocking sessions….

The question is out – tell us what’s your take!


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