Summer 2016 OC Party in PA

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Last weekend we headed to the Summer 2016 OC Party in PA and had an awesome time meeting local overclockers that gathered for few days of overclocking and fun. The instigators of the event, Stefan (Funsoul) and Joe (Steponz) did a great job at figuring out all the logistics and organizing such a cool gathering.

Event pictures & Participants

During the we took several pictures and made some videos from what happened there. Here are all the pictures we took (they are also on our Facebook Page) :

In total, 14 overclockers attended the event. It was great to put a face on the nicknames and chatting with everyone about what we love most. Check out this video – it’s a little introduction of all the participants:

(MOAR VIDEOS! Check out the complete playlist of the videos and live replays here)

We personally ( the OCTV crew ) took part to the event to experiment with some new live overclocking competition concepts. We will share more about it, including our feedback and feedback from the participating overclockers in another news item – stay tuned.

Looking forward for what’s next

We need more of these. During the weekend, there was several discussions with the participants on how and why we need more of these events. Beyond the fact of gathering, events like that are the reason why some of us are moving to a higher-up league, and that others are making it into competitive OC through the various learning and peer motivation that takes place during these social gatherings. On the way back from the event, Marc0053 & Trouffman had an extensive talk on the outcome of such community event on everyone knowledge. Marc0053 was referring to the fact he learned a lot more during this weekend compared to the last month at home.

It’s quite unbelievable that the USA is the no1 nation of overclocking by it’s size and that the country accounts for as little as barely 1 or 2 events each year. Our hats off to the organizer for the great job done hosting this event – we are looking forward to the next!


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