Stream Announcement – HWBOT World Tour Asia Pacific

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The HWBOT World Tour is now entering the final phase of it’s world wide event series for 2016. The final fully fledge world tour stop will be held next weekend at the Yogyakomtec expo in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This will be the Asia Pacific event.

A familiar place?

The name might ring a bell, and you are right. We’ve been to this venue already. It was two years ago for the famous AOCT competition held by JagatReview. For this stop, HWBOT is partnering up with JagatReview to host the World Tour as a joint event with the AOCT and we are delighted to be there to cover the event.

World Tour Asia Pacific Stream Schedule

Most of the details regarding the event itself are already online on HWBOT and Jagat Review – so we’ll let you check these sites to learn more. On our side, as far as streaming goes, we are taking arrangements to bring to you the essentials from the 5 days long event – with of course a focus on competitive overclocking.

Here is our planned streaming schedule:

AOCT 2016

  • Qualifiers (each day recap): September 3 / 4 from 4pm (GMT+7) to 7pm
  • Finals : September 5th 11am (GMT+7) to 8pm

HWBOT World Series

  • Qualifiers (end / recap) : September 6th 3pm (GMT+7) to 6pm
  • Finals : September 7th 10am (GMT+7) to 6pm

Now we will most likely be streaming outside these times with small updates regarding each of the competitions / competitors (especially for the AOCT as the structure is slightly more complex). So keep an eye on the channel all the day.

Use this link to check the times in your local timezones ;)

We are looking forward to see you on the chat! As usual, the stream will be available form our Twitch channel, or our Facebook page as an alternative / low bandwidth location.


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