Aftermovie & replay of the HWT Asia Computex Qualifier

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The HWBOT World Tour Asia Computex is behind us and it was awesome. This was an impressive milestone from both a personal and a team-work point-of-view.

From the size, it was the biggest space we had to deal with for both managing the space for the coverage but also the location, on the main passage hall of the Computex (arguably the most important tradeshow about PC Hardware). From the duration, it was a crazy complete week, with matches everyday this during one of the most hardware-news related week of the year, it was both a week-long thrill and an intense marathon against fatigue mentally and physically.

After five days of live casting the preparations and everyday matches at what is undeniably the biggest booth of the tradeshow, we wanted to give this aftermovie a different taste, with commentary and the smiles & happiness that made this event one to remember.

With a dozen of extreme overclockers with a free-supply of Liquid Nitrogen (-196c) and the horde of amateurs that passed by the area to discover and try the newly launched Intel Core i7 6950X CPU, we gathered some of the best moments in this aftermovie.

We have also uploaded the entirety of the Matches replay for you to experience the every day battle leading to the Final.

Each day featured it’s face-to-face (1v1) battle among the top athletes of this day qualifier, winner of the battle is granted access to the Qualifier Final.

In the end, Xtreme_Addict won his golden ticket to the Overclocking World Championship that will be streamed live on OverClocking-TV on December 4th.

Until next time, Keep Pushing It !


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