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This year again, ASUS in Germany is back with a second season of it’s ROG Camp event series. These events are all about fostering the next generation of extreme overclockers – and from what we’ve seen – they are ferociously effective!

ROG Camp 2016 Competition Details

The ROG Camp is always in two phases. First it starts off with an open online qualifiers hosted at OC-Esports. It is limited to overclockers from the Germany, Switzerland and Austria regions. (Competiton page). Of course, such qualifier is also limited to overclockers that have never done LN2 overclocking before.

Then, once the qualifiers are done, the top 8 overclockers are invited for a 2 days event where the following two activities are prepared for them:

  1. First Day : Extreme Overclocking training by Roman Hartung (aka der8auer)
  2. Second Day : Extreme Overclocking competition

On the first day, each overclocker is being taught the basics of extreme overclocking. Roman explains them how to insulate their motherboard, how to mount an LN2 pot and gives them some tips, tricks and valuable advises to safely bench with liquid nitrogen. They have the whole day to practice.
On the second day, no more practice – things are serious! The 8 overclockers are pitted against each other in a live tournament for some cool prizes and of course, pride and glory!

This years participating overclockers are:

  • Nik from Germany
  • SirTryAlot from Switzerland
  • TAGG from Austria
  • Punk Sods from Germany
  • P5ych0 from Germany
  • websmile from Germany
  • Sporrdig from Switzerland
  • Bene1166 from Germany

Note that a time of writing, scores had not been confirmed yet and we may adjust the above list.

asus rog camp 2016

Live stream from the ASUS ROG Camp 2016

This year again, OverClocking-TV will be present on location to share with your the highlights of this event with pictures, videos and live overclocking streams. With this event, we are taking a more “educational” approach giving a focus on showing you how to prepare a system for liquid nitrogen overclocking and explaining how things work in general. Your two hosts for this show will be Trouffman and Buildzoid.

Stream schedule

The stream schedule for this event is the following:

  • Day1 – How-To XOC and Q&A: Friday December 2nd from 11am to 5pm
  • Day 2 – ROG Camp Competition : Saturday December 3rd from 11am to 5pm

All times can be converted to your local time zone through the following link.

We are looking forward to see you on the steam. Make sure to follow the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel upfront to get notified when we are live.


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