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Good evening folks,

Cannot find the image anymore ? Don’t worry they will be back soon.

This is a side issue of our servers migrations, DNS update time and technical bits in the background.


We started OCTV as a side project about 9/10 years ago, along the line we made it a complete site and platform, having up to 3 languages at the same time back in 2010. The  ease of configuration of today is nowhere close from what we had 10 years ago and the cloud-era is happening for better practice and lower issues. Well actually there are way more thing to take than just ‘having a webserver’ on all the fronts, performances, security, scalability and more…

Over the past 10 years we have focused so heavily on working toward the OC community  with what we know we are good at, creating videos, helping Overclockers, organizing and supporting local and worldwide events, reporting about the overclocking competitions, but we kinda let our own child grow free.

As a matter of fact  expect the security update and content, we haven’t reworked the site for a while (_a while_ like 5 years ?), there are good reasons for that, social media have taken a great visibility let alone the caring for our 20 thousands fans on Facebook and the 3.3K hardcore follower on the Twitch.TV channel.

As a new impressive year arisen (no pun) for the overclocking world, it was the time to re-work some of our base assets, one of which is the site. Centralizing the multiple data scattered around earth in multiple server and bringing it to a new life.

Why it is important while most people don’t read website anymore ?

First of all because things evolve, you will see what shape and form it will take in the future.

Second of all because of legacy, I am a strong advocate on ensuring content created by volunteer and people overtime is relevant, no matter if this is a guide n how to do pencil mod on an old P5B deluxe or the batch name of the _now-DAYMN-old_ Pentium 4.

As overclocker we love to push our memory past the limit (no double pun intended), but our memory of the past tend to be flaky at best. Just a few active overclockers from _ back in the times_ are still active today, this is definitely okay as all the Rookies, novice, Apprentice are ruling in with a free open-mind without the boundaries of legacy challenges, the old-timer used to have.

Over the past fifteen year of my life (which now account fo half of it pretty much…) I have seen so much GREAT content dissapear before of the lack of care of because of personal ego. Just talking about France, we have seen, the great OCM (overclocking Master) once the biggest pride on the OC scene, fighting along Japan and USA for the top ranking vanished from the internet with the dozen and dozen of useful guide and content created by the volunteers, the respected SOJ forum also say good bye, in the past years we have seen and Jmax-hardware vanishing as well, but more recently what is still today one of the most active OC team in France Klan-OC site is now a thing of the past… All of those mostly because of lack of care of interest by their owner.

Its not all dark ! :)

Far from being all dark, this actually drives us even more to keep all the content and site up. While we keep on pursuing our goal to help the community, one of this goal is to KEEP GOOD CONTENT ONLINE !

As for the past fifteen year we have been in this industry, that for the past ten year we are making sure this evolve on the mid an long-term, we will keep the site up, we will pay for it even if this mean i do have to pay the server from my own pocket to keep the content online.

So what’s next ?

We will gradually restore the pictures, images and other content on the site (it take time), then we will open the content platform to the community.

That mean, even if you post your guide on your active forum, you will be able to submit it here, everything under FREE to use license. (we always used Creative-Common license)

Note ; there might be some hiccup in the next few day as permalinks structure and very old links rules are being updated, be assured we will have all the content back in online within the next few days.

Until net time…. Keep Pushing it !

Update 2017-02-20:

The website is back-up, most of the pictures are as well.

The previous hotlink to the pictures (on forum etc) is still causing some minor challenges, we are working towards a better solution.

Along the way we have found back some very old ans interesting pictures that we will be sharing with you guys soon.

Update 2017-02-21:

SSL is activated by default, browser not supporting it should still be able to access the site via the regular one for the next few months. This might not be the case by the end of 2017 (yeah come on!)


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