Cebit 2010- New MSI motherboards pictured and detailed

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During the CeBIT 2010 we got some pictures of upcoming new motherboards with both Intel and AMD Chipsets.

From the Intel side, the big news is the first set of picture of the Big Bang XPower motherboard that we described in a earlier news and discussed in a video with Massman and MSI crew.

[singlepic id=5645 w=520 h=440 float=center] [singlepic id=5624 w=520 h=340 float=center]

All detail about the Big Bang XPower motherboard

The already launched Micro-ATX H55M-ED55, ATX form factor P55-GD85 and H55-GD65 are the board displayed on the Intel side.

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From the AMD side MSI unveiled the 800-series line-up, a complete range of motherboard are displayed.

[singlepic id=5627 w=320 h=240 float=right]

The 880GMA-E45 is based on the 880G chipset that have on-board display for mid-range orientation. On this micro-ATX board you’ll get native SATA3 due too SB850 southbridge and USB3 using a NEC chip. For people that noticed the details on the picture, 880GM-E48 is the old code-name of the board, the revision 3.0 show that the board is ready to be sell, MSI is just waiting the end of AMD NDA (26 April.)

We already have received and pictured the MSI 890GXM-GD65 in our labs so let’s check the details gallery.

An interesting motherboard on the AMD side is the 870A-GD60 Hydra that will use an AMD870 chipset and a LucidLogix Hydra chip, allowing you to run both mixed Multi-GPU configuration suck as the Big bang Fuzion motherboard. Another version without the Hydra chip will be available under the 870A-G54 name.

[singlepic id=5631 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Here is the complete gallery of the MSI Booth…

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