Gigabyte announces P55 Contest in Germany

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Gigabyte announced today the rankings resulting from their online selections qualifying overclockers from central Europe to the P55 OC Challenge that will take place this weekend, April 10th and 11th in Hamburg, Germany. The Online selections where based on the Intel Burn test and SuperPi benchmarks, giving by an addition of both scores the final score for each contestant. Netherlands team (Viss & Snot_Aap) proudly took the first place of these selections with a combined score of 63,112 (IBT=53,33sec. & SPi=6,782sec.) Following in the second place, the Danish team of M.Beier (global score of 66,340) and again a Netherlands team featuring Symon-NL reached the third position (global score of 68,669). Find below the result table from this OC challenge participants. [Source] It is a total of 19 teams that will be competing in Hamburg this weekend. The benchmarks of this German P55 contest will be the same as in the French selections of early March meaning IBT and SPi. On the hardware side, same thing, no massive differences with to the competition setup of France’s P55:

  • Gigabyte P55AUD7
  • Gigabyte GTX260SOC
  • Intel i5 670
  • Corsair GTX1 memory
  • Corsair HX850 PSU

Overclocking-TV will be on stage in order to stream the competition and allow you to support and see your favorite team.


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