AMD BlackOps- Set of results for OCTV

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amdHey guys,

We were joining 7 other team around the world for a live event around the world organised by AMD to promote their brand new Phenom II X6 and Leo Platform.
As a part or the guys that was benching, here are some preliminary results :

There’s still lot of room of improvments, but our thought about PHenom II X6 are really great, especially under ln2… No coldbug, no coldboot, almost no preoblem at all, it’s a real pleasure to OC and work with such CPU under extrem cold. As you don’t need to check every 5 sec for the T°c, you can fill up the pot, lowert he temps and enjoy.

Like the previous Phenom II revision, cooling seems to be the main limitation to reach extrem High frequencies, almost all the team were about 6.5 Ghz (one team managed 6.6Ghz) under ln2, while the under Liquid helium that is going higher again.

Also the 890FX board we got so fare for this event and before for testing from our partners seems also to be really robust, and even after 4hours of benching the board still be right okay, the ASUS Crosshair IV we’re using with the Phenom II X6 1090T seems a good combo for fun, Extreme AMD OC Action and of course… Trying to beat some WR.

As some team may have stop streaming on, team finland will be doing something on sunday, wand we’ll be back online at the beginning of the afternoon (Montreal Time).

We’ve made some pictures and video we’ll release next week, the time ofr us to finish the 160L of ln2 on stand by.

Thanks to our partners, especially, AMD, kingston, and Linde.

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