OverClocking-TV will cover the Computex from the inside.

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After the CES 2010 and Cebit 2010, it’s time to go to the computex and cover one of the most exiting IT Show.

The Computex is maybe the best IT show of the year, especially because it’s hld in Taipei, close to most of the Head-Quarters of all the big brand in our OC World.

You may have noticed some GIGABYTE ads on the site lately, we are proud to annouce that GIGABYTE is our main and full sponsor for a long period of time. We will be able to produce more video and also in better quality !

As we’ve always wanted to, we will keep our opinion-free way of writting and all the content will continue being trustful.

We would like to thanks GIGABYTE before leaving for a long 2-days travel by plane around the world… Xyala is coming from Sweden, and me (trouffman) I’m coming from Montreal. We will arrive in Taipei Sunday evening and maybe start releasing some videos quickly !

Stay tuned, don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed and shot a comment.

NB : We’ve also upgraded the server for the computex Time, hope this will work like a charme.


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