MSI’s MOA 2010 – European Finals !

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And here we go !

After the GOOC Pan-Asia finals last weekend in Jakarta, MSI is announcing the European Finals of the Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) 2010 in Paris for this weekend.

The Event is going to take place at the NewYork Hotel in Disneyland Resort’s Paris.

Hotel MOA Hotel MOA Hotel MOA

The competition is in two parts : first part on saturday 26th in the afternoon, and the second, Sunday 27th in the morning. As the contestant are going to arrive in Paris on Friday 25th, the Saturday morning will be used to setup and prepare the hardware.

Here is the detailed planing for the whole weekend :

MOA schedule

As you can see, the 3 benches selected by MSI are :

  • SuperPi 32M – 2h30
  • 3D Mark05 – 3h30
  • 3D Mark Vantage P-Score – 5h

After the competition end, and before the award ceremony, there will be a panel discussion organized in which MSI will probably collect feedback from the overclockers on the hardware as well as the competition itself.

On the hardware side, no surprises. MSI is providing to each team their high-end mobos and VGAs part of the following hardware set :

  • CPU : Intel Gulftown i7-980X
  • Mainboard : MSI Big Bang-Xpower
  • Graphic Card : MSI N480GTX-M2D15
  • Memory : Kingston KHX2000C9AD3T1K3/3GX
  • HDD : WesternDigital
  • Power Supply : Enermax-ERV 1050EWT

Now let’s talk about the teams that are going to compete on stage. For these EU Finals, MSI engages 13 teams of two OCers from 12 different countries. Sweden is the country that will have two teams to represent itself. Below, the table with all details on who is joining the MOA battle.

MOA Team Table

Notice that there will be one girl in the team of MeanMachine (Sweden) ! :D  Is this part of the Swedish strategy to distract the competitors ? We’ll see …

OverClocking-TV will be on stage as usual to broadcast the event Live from and also provide our usual picture and video coverage after the event. For those that are using twitter, notice that you can search for the tag #moa2010 in order to find all MOA related tweets, live score updates and stories from the battlefield ;)

We wish the best luck to all the contestants, and may the force of ln2 be with you !


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