GOOC 2010 – First news from Majorca

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After an afternoon of stage and live broadcast setup, everything was ready last night for the Live from the GOOC2010. But this was hard and full of bounces. Instead of the 8 mega asymmetric connection promised, we are left with just 3M download and 0.3M upload. Everything seemed to indicate that Live could not occur -we even tried to connect ourself directly to the hotel’s server to ensure the flow … disappointingly low. Despite this limitation, we are able to provide Live properly (with image AND sound) without too many stutters.
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Today, the day began with traditional hardware preparations. Volt-mods for ones, varnshing for others: everyone uses special tricks to snatch few megahertz and optimizing the stability but also insulation of their platforms.
You could even feel the concentration in the room: there is no way to disturb the 17 competitors. The start of the competition was given at 12:30am and some overclockers already experience issues: Elmor (Sweden) need to improve some of his insulation in order to cope with humidity that threatens his motherboard. First to score, Massman is imedialty followed by his fellows.For a real time coverage, check out the Overclocking TV Live Stream, and follow up our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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