MSI MOA 2010 – Broadcast Schedule and Cosplay Fight announced

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OCTV Crew Trouffman just arrived in Taipei and Xyala is in the plane on it’s way to Taiwan.

In the mean time we are announcing some of the most interesting part of the Live broadcast to be running for the Competition Time on Friday evening / night / Saturday depending on where you live.

Broadcast Schedule (Taipei Time – GMT +8):
9:00AM – 10:00AM – Assembling
10:00AM – 11:00AM – MOA Tech Elite
11:00AM – 11:30AM – Pre-Competition Broadcast
11:30AM – 2:00PM – SuperPi 32M Battle
2:00PM – 3:00PM – Opening Ceremony/Show
3:00PM – 5:30PM – 3DMark Vantage Performance Battle
5:30PM – 6:00PM – After Competition Broadcast (Interview with the OCers on live/ recorded videos)
6:00PM – 7:00PM – Award Ceremony

Please note that times displayed are Taipei Time (GMT+8) and broadcast will be in english.

On request and to help you finding the right Time for you here are some details :

Broadcast Schedule (Paris Time – GMT +2):
3:00AM – 4:00AM – Assembling
4:00AM – 5:00AM – MOA Tech Elite
5:00AM – 5:30AM – Pre-Competition Broadcast
5:30AM – 8:00AM – SuperPi 32M Battle
8:00AM – 9:00AM – Opening Ceremony/Show
9:00AM – 11:30AM – 3DMark Vantage Performance Battle
11:30AM – 12:00PM – After Competition Broadcast (Interview with the OCers on live/ recorded videos)
12:00PM – 1:00PM – Award Ceremony

East Canadian and East America Fans :

Broadcast Schedule (Montreal/New-York Time – GMT -4 – EST):
9:00PM – 10:00PM – Assembling
10:00PM – 11:00PM – MOA Tech Elite
11:00PM – 11:30PM – Pre-Competition Broadcast
11:30PM – 2:00AM – SuperPi 32M Battle
2:00AM – 3:00AM – Opening Ceremony/Show
3:00AM – 5:30AM – 3DMark Vantage Performance Battle
5:30AM – 6:00AM – After Competition Broadcast (Interview with the OCers on live/ recorded videos)
6:00AM – 7:00AM – Award Ceremony

And for the Californian fans… Easy to calculate isn’t it ?

You can follow the live twitter feed about the MOA 2010 on our twitter account : or by tag #MOA2010.

Below is the press release about the Leia Contest :

The Sexy Duo from NCCU Win the Princess Leia Voting Campaign

The War is About to Being on September 11th

Giveaways Includes 100 Light Saber Popsicles, NT$100,000 of Prizes and the Priceless Dinner with Princess Leia

【Taipei】The Princess Leia Online Voting Campaign for MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) 2010 by MSI on Facebook has officially come to an end after three weeks. The two candidates that go into the finals for the Princess Leia Cosplay are the popular Sexy Duo of NCCU, Ke Nian-Shuan and Wong Tzu-Chi. The final vote will officially commence at 2pm on September 11th, at National Taiwan University Stadium. The Sexy Duo of NCCU will try to attract more votes by interacting with the audience at the venue. A lucky winner will also be drawn out on the spot to enjoy the priceless romantic dinner with Princess Leia. What’s even more exciting is that MSI will also give away computer components and other giveaways worth a total of NT$100,000. Darth Vadar and white clone soldiers will also pose for photos with the attendants of the event. What is more, R2D2 will also make its first appearance in Taiwan. No entry-fee will be charged for all the wonderful activities, which will ensure you a fun and exciting afternoon.

In addition to cosplaying as Princess Leia to attract votes, the Sexy Duo of NCCU will also appear in three different looks. Wong Tzu-Chi, one of the Sexy Duo of NCCU, said her interpretation of a sexy Princess Leia will be her boldest attempt ever. Ke Nian-Shuan, on the other hand, said that she will add a flavor of glamour to the styling of Princess Leia, aiming to become the brightest star on the galaxy stage. In order to win the princess title and present the best shape, the Sexy Duo have managed to lose 10kg each in order to become the eye candy for all the audience. During the overclocking competition, the contestants have to try every possible way to cool down the motherboard to enhance efficiency. In order to help the contestants “stay cool” during the contest, Princess Leia will give away more than 100 light saber popsicles to help the contestants as well as the audience to withstand the heat of summer.

Now the Princess Leia Voting Campaign of MOA 2010 has come to the very end. The fans and supporters of the Princess Leia candidates would not want to miss the final on September 11th. A variety of big prizes and free giveaways will surprise everyone at the finals. Those who participate in the prediction of MOA 2010 champion are entitled to win a desktop computer worth NT$60,000. Great prizes are also offered during each of the three rounds of voting for the Princess Leia campaign. Prizes include MSI P55A-GD65 motherboard, the latest N460GTX HAWK VGA card, Kingston 32 GB thumbdrive, Enermax Acrylux keyboard, and the priceless dinner with Princess Leia. At the event venue, you can compete with other attendants on “Flat Out” car-racing game or collect stamps to exchange for giveaways. All the wonderful gifts will make everyone return home satisfied and fully supplied!

Event Date: September 11th (Sat.)

Event Time: 14:00~19:00

Venue: National Taiwan University Stadium

For more information about MOA 2010, please log on to the MOA official website:

(The End)

【About MOA】

The MSI Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) is the divine racing ground for global overclocking masters. The MSI invites worldwide overclocking gurus through on-line or on-site qualifications for a high-tech engagement. Equipped with most powerful computers available today each invited master is to challenge the limit with their excellent overclocking technique and to win the honor of overclocking master by breaking the world record under close watch of global media and overclocking players.

MSI has been achieving admirable milestones in the field of extreme overclocking. Besides the players focused annual MOA contest many other overclocking events hosted on-line or on-site are also well accepted with record breaking performances. The globally watched annual MOA contest where overclocking masters equipped with cutting edge computer hardware and software can compete with each other has become the top battle field. Based upon the MOA Roman Arena in 2008 and MOA IT Olympics in 2009 the MOA Star Wars 2010 is in cooperation with the renowned overclocking web sites Futuremark and HWBOT and to open to overclocking players all over the world. The MOA 2010 is to release the global overclocking generic power for a new round of technical war!


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