Overclocking-TV unveil new site in spanish !

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Dear friends, Overclocking-TV is now adding spanish language as a division to it’s worldwide activities targeting our fans from all Latin-America and Spain.

Read more about this, after the cutting.

As announced today, we are now present for our fans of Latin America and Spain. Overclocking-TV is aware of the growth that overclocking has in latin America and Spain, and for this reason we decide today to welcome all our spanish speaking fans to enjoy our dedicated content. Please meet Martin (El.os-17) our responsible for this new division.

On this spanish version, our fans will be able to experience the following contents:

– Guides (all type).

– Articles (focused on hardware and overclocking).

– Reviews (from the cheapest motherboard’s to the most expensive’s processors).

– News (focused on the overclocking world).

– Interviews (from overclockers, partners, etc).

And much more ….

Therefore, we ask you to join our spanish speaking community of fans and follow us through this challenge. We hope that you will enjoy it and appreciate our new content !

Here is our official Press release :

Somewhere in the world, December 25th 2010OverClocking‐TV a worldwide leading media and non‐profit organization in extreme Overclocking‐press today is pleased to announce the launch of a new Spanish division for it’s media activities reviews and website languages.

It is Christmas time and this is our gift for our viewers and readers.  Today we are pleased to launch our new Spanish speaking division to produce video, news, articles and event coverage for our Spanish speaking fans.

As a result of this year’s statistic trend in our audience, we decided a few months ago to reach this new audience mostly represented by the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America.

The third top language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and Hindi deserved to get a place in our media since the early days. This year about 30% shares of views on our video channel is represented by Spanish speaking countries and made this project come true.

Martin Soria (aka. El.os-17) from Chili is going to lead this Spanish division. Having proven his dedication to OCTV’s projects and being active in the overclocking community this year (ie. translation works on HWBot). It is with no hesitation that we chose him as responsible for this work on the Spanish division. We also strongly count on his location for providing our media with a strategic position and inside view of the Southern American market.

Please discover our new Spanish version at:  www.overclocking-tv.com/es/

Facebook Fan Page : www.facebook.com/overclockingtv

Twitter account : http://www.twitter.com/overclockingtv

About OverClocking­TV:

OverClocking‐TV.com is a Web‐TV community focused on extreme computing hardware. We are releasing high quality hardware reviews, producing interviews; hardware presentations and we are also leading in the segment of extreme Overclocking competition live broadcasts.

Broadcasting the major hardware brands’ competitions since 2008 such as the GOOC (Gigabyte™ Open Overclocking Championship) and the MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) from MSI™. Overclocking‐TV and its world wide web broadcasting experience provides you with the best visibility and professional support for your next event broadcast.

Our team is composed of reporters, producers, translators and contributors from all around the world. We are always looking for new volunteers and fans to help us share our passion. Visit our forum to ask questions, find resources and know details about all the extreme Overclocking stuff you like. Visit www.overclocking‐tv.com for more information.

Media Contact: contact@overclocking-tv.com

Send PRs: news@overclocking-tv.com

Press Release – OverClocking-TV in Spanish – English version

Press Release – OverClocking-TV in Spanish – Spanish version


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