Introduction to the Sparkle Calibre X450G – GTS 450

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We have produced a new video regarding the Sparkle Calibre X450 VGA card, the video is in English and get you introduced to all the features of this card.

This GTS 450 from Sparkle is designed with a special cooling solution by Arctic Cooling and is a part of the Calibre Series of the manufacturer.

On the hardware side, the card is using a reference PCB (so it should be more easy for you to find the vMOD), the Core is clocked to 850Mhz, the 1024MB of GDDR5 to 3800Mhz (1900Mhz), the 192 stream Processors are cadenced to 1701Mhz.

This Sparkle Calibre X450G is a factory-overclocked model while the basic frequencies are 783Mhz for the Core, 1566Mhz for the stream processor (Shaders) and 3600Mhz for the memory on the non-overclocked model.

The memory chip used on this VGA are from SAMSUNG, and the rest of the board is the reference PCB as we said in the video.

More details on the cooler, as we described in the video, the cooler is from Arctic Cooling and it’s an Accelero Twin Turbo PRO, this cooler does a great job on the noise level that is still far less than my CPU cooler during the test.

When running heavy loaded benchmarks like 3Dmark or Unigine, the efficiency was able to keep up the load, we will release all the result and details with our overclocking results.



Some of the pictures of the Sparkle Calibre 450X below.


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